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Will My Marriage Survive After My Husband Broke Our Trust?


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Will My Marriage Survive After My Husband Broke Our Trust?

Hello ma,

Please help me. I am heartbroken. My marriage is under threat. I love my husband of 4 years so much. God has blessed my marriage with a good man and a daughter. Everything has been going on fine. I am in business with a very good childhood friend of mine. We went into business six years ago and together we run a very successful IT company.

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My friend however is a divorcee. She married someone who was abusive and they ended divorced in less than 2 years. Since then, she has not been lucky in relationships. This made me to be very caring for her but I think I made a mistake by bringing her too close to my marriage.

Two months ago, I noticed my husband started to behave strange. He would come back late from work and he would avoid making love to me, saying he was tired, pressure from work, etc. I became worried but just prayed for him. But I could not take it any longer when he only touched me once in two months.

I had to wake him up crying in the night. I asked him to tell me what I did wrong that he no longer fancies me. My husband is a soft guy, he could not bear to see me cry, so he told me that the problem is not me but him. He told me that he has not been himself these past few weeks because he almost cheated on me with someone and he feels so guilty for doing that.

I was shocked at his revelation and he told me it was my business partner, my long time friend. That she had been flirting with him, grabbing his junk when no one was watching and he almost gave into her advances and kissed her. That they made out in her house but he caught himself after he almost penetrated her. But that my friend is not happy that he did not go through with having s*x with her and now, she is blackmailing him, that she will tell me.

That was why he has been behaving strangely. I was so angry with my husband for not telling me all these while that my friend was making advances at him. I felt he broke my trust. I was angry with my so called friend for trying to betray me like this. We own a multi million company together, how can she go behind my back to try to break my home?

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I cried that night and since then, I have not been able to look my husband in the eye. I need time to heal and process what he confessed to me. I needed to be sure that he did not really go through with having s*x with her and indeed, that I could not determine because when I asked my friend, she denied it at first but later said it was my husband that came onto her.

I tried to defend my husband by saying he did not come onto her because he eventually did not sleep with her. And then my friend said to me: is that what he told you? She said she is sorry but my husband is lying and not telling me the whole truth. That he went ahead and they had s*x. My husband is denying that they had s*x. He said they made out only.

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Now, these whole matter is messing with my head. Between my husband and my friend, I don’t know who is lying and I cant even deal with both of them anymore. I don’t know what to do or say anymore. I feel so pained and betrayed by both of them. Is there any hope for my marriage now that trust is broken?

Please help me.





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Will My Marriage Survive After My Husband Broke Our Trust?
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  1. Your husband is not telling you the truth madam and I don’t know why he has to lie. You have to forgive him since he already confessed to you,it means he is sober so please forgive him and move on but make sure you are very careful with that your yeye,yamayama friend,that home breaker and home wrecker,she is not suppose to be called your friend, she doesn’t need to come close to your home. I mean your marriage is so young and fresh for all these drama biko ,forgive your husband and warn him not to ever allow this nonsense repeat itself again. God will continue to bless your home ,amen. Sorry for all these, no marriage is perfect my sister ,everybody is just trying to cover their own oooo

  2. I’ll advice you forgive your husband and move on… your friend is evil and wicked.if truly your husband made advances she should have respected you and be disciplined enough to run away..she wanted more and if your husband hasn’t said no there would be no need for the blackmail..she doesn’t mean well for you..there are other men out there why your husband??

    I don’t believe what she told you one bit..if a man is weak as not be able to control himself the woman can..I believe she lured him on but the part of the real deal is what we don’t know who is saying the truth.. forgive your husband, work on your relationship and I pray God will heal your heart completely..
    Then as for your friend just be careful around her..she is not your friend but an intruder.

    I believe this will sound as a note of warning to other women who trust their friends and colleagues enough to bring them home…the heart of man is desperately wicked no one can tell what’s in it…

  3. The truth here is, nobody is perfect. For marriage to grow and be a happy one. It takes a lot of efforts and commitment, through overlooking offenses, apology, appreciation, compromise and so on. It’s not just automatic.

    Hear me ma’am, I feel your pains put your self together, stick to your husband. It takes the grace of God for men to confess their sins to their wives. But your husband did and was bold enough to have told you what went wrong. He’s a good man and he loves you.

    Forgive him, pray for him and desist from discussing about your husband to your friends. Women love good men so also men for women. Warn your business partner to keep off anything that has to do with your husband.

    Be strong please!

  4. I think your husband is telling the truth cause he would have lied about the whole thing…Your friend is the enemy here, why didn’t she tell you until you asked her and to think she even denied it at first…

    Mend your marriage and watch your friend.. You might be friends for 20 years but I don’t think she likes you.


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