Home Advice My Friend Is Blinded By Money And Gadgets In Her Relationship.

My Friend Is Blinded By Money And Gadgets In Her Relationship.

My Friend Is Blinded By Money And Gadgets In Her Relationship.


There’s a friend of mine who doesn’t get enough attention from her man in her relationship. she’s always complained but he gives her same excuse “he’s hustling”. This time things went outta hand,after series of complaint he gave her the most savage replies. Telling her ” oh,you’re an ingrate, you’re mad, since its attention you want, you have lots of wooers, you can chat them up when I’m offline to keep you company, go and look for your Mr perfect”.

It ended that way, the guy asked for a break up. My friend came running to me explaining that she only complained that he’s not giving her attention. But yet its break up he wants. I told my girl,this guy doesn’t deserve you. or are you blind? There are things a guy can and cannot say to his loved ones even when angry. Forget the guy.

my girl didn’t listen. she came to me again saying they’ve settled. That he’s apologised.
how did he apologise? by saying “oya,I’ll send you money in the morning” pls isn’t that insult? But no,my girl was smiling when she received the msg. she also said, he wants to get her a new phone that’s why he’s been acting that way. Tried explaining to her that self respect isn’t pride. Did I advice my friend wrongly ? she sees me like I hate her rn.





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  1. If I have a girlfriend that want my attention and also want money and material things from me then it wont work. Yes, It will never work.

    A responsible girl will be busy with her own life and be hard working instead she is trying to tie the guy down in the name of relationship. The guy is a real nigga.

    It will be better you tell your friend to get busy with her life and be productive and stop depending on a man for daily bread. It aint cool, makes you look cheap and none respected .

    Yes, women normally love attention but will be quick to leave you if you have no money, how can a man give you full attention and still earn money?  

    Attention can never be enough. The more she struggles for more of his attention the more she is hooked to him.


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