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My vegetarian hubby


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My vegetarian hubby


Hi please hide borrowed ID.

I got married to my loving husband in 2011 and we have been blessed with 2 children a boy and a girl. My husband is so strong in his faith and before marriage he indicated to me he was a vegetarian for faith reasons and I should be able to cope with that.

My husband does not buy meat no matter what. So first days I used to buy small meats for myself until I gave up coz did not have enough income. He taught me vegetarian dishes which are equally delicious and I said goodbye to meat.

Since 2013 have never tasted meat, neither my children aged 7 and 5.
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So today my son fell ill at school and the headmaster called me to come pick him up. I called my husband and he was not picking and because i do not have a car, the school said we can offer u transport to go to your husband s workplace so he may together with me take the child to hospital in his car.

When we arrived he was still not picking and I was told to go and look for him in their canteen. He was eating nshima with beef, huge bones of beef filling his plate. I felt so angry and I felt so betrayed. Is there any future with someone who lies about this? Please help with your views
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