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I Broke Up With My Double Dating Girlfriend


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I Broke Up With My Double Dating Girlfriend


This life is just a small place. You will think you are sharp but when the time is come, your sin will surely find you out.

Some weeks back, a guy saw my wares online and came around to pick some footwears since we are in same city. He kept on talking on phone with a particular girl (my girl) about the type of shoe she likes. Remember I just gave her a new pair when she requested for one. Not even up to a month.

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So this guy selected 3 pairs of shoes – two males shoes and one female own. He just told me to packet them that he would call me when money comes in. Fast-forward to today, he called in the afternoon and gave me a location to bring the shoe that he went out with his girl and will be traveling in the morning.

I dressed up, picked up the shoes at the shop and dashed to the location only to meet him with my girlfriend.

I just pretended like nothing happened, passed the shoes to him. She was shocked to the marrow but the guy never noticed. He asked her to wear the shoe so as to see how it suits but she just told him that he shouldn’t bother that it’s OK.

He paid me and as I was about leaving, he called me back and introduced me to his girl. I told her my name like we just met and left.

That’s just it. I’m out for good. I’m free

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