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The New Trend Of Bridesmaids Rocking Sneakers On A Wedding Train

Trends of fashion change with each age and dispensation and, weddings aren’t left out of it. Prior to this time, bridesmaids on a wedding train wore regular shoes one would wear to church or, they wore flats with a little heels. Then came the era of wearing stilettos of various kinds and, trust the ladies squad………… they always want to turn up for their gee in galmorous ways.

With various designs of stilettos in the market, ladies on a bridal train didn’t mind the cost but would rather go ahead to purchase them. All they’d want is just to appear more fashionable and trendy on their friend’s big day.

Some ladies don’t consider their own comfort while rocking tiny heeled or the regular stilettos. What they don’t know is that you’ll need a lot of poise and stamina to be able to stand on a pair of stiletto shoes. On some occasions, you find some bridesmaids rocking an entirely different design of shoes but, what’s important to them is that they must rock matching stilettos. Stilettos are good, no doubt, but, whoever is rocking them should understand that its not meant for everybody. And, for the brides, when making demands from their girls, they should be more considerate cos, everyone’s pockets sizes aren’t the same.

Not too long after, sneakers came on board. Initially, it started off as a joke but, gradually, it became a thing. Before this time, sneakers were like worn by attendees who wanted a different touch to their outfit but, as time went by, bridesmaids started adopting this seeming unknown trend. Although this trend of bridesmaids rocking sneakers to a wedding isn’t so popular yet, the bridesmaids have now begun to see an entirely different angle to this. Rocking a sneakers feels very comfortable and, you can literally walk all day on them. Now, imagine that you have to be up and busy for your friend who’s the bride, you certainly won’t be able to run around and doing all the wedding stuff when you’re on a pair of heeled shoes you can’t walk around with. Rocking stilettos is good but, if you aren’t comfortable in them or can’t afford them, by all means, choose something else.

The culture of bridesmaids rocking sneakers to a wedding should be encouraged. If not for anything, at least, for comfort sake. Brides too should be considerate when making demands from their ladies and not be too insistent. Brides should ask their bridesmaids what kind of shoes and outfit they’d love to wear and not impose what they may not like on them. There’s literally no outfit that can be worn with a sneakers; depending on how you choose to style it. In no distant time, we look forward to seeing rocking sneakers to a wedding becoming a norm; just like stilettos and other kinds of heeled shoes held sway.


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