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I’m beautiful, young but caged in marriage – A nairalander regrets getting married


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I’m beautiful, young but caged in marriage – A nairalander regrets getting married

I’m just here to pour out my frustration. Who told me a young free beautiful 22 year old to cage myself up in this institution called marriage with someone I didn’t look very well into? I was so naive and stupid, I never examined his family, ignored the red flags thinking that marriage is just like normal relationship, if you don’t want it you can easily leave. Nope, especially when there’s a child involved. Who told me to give up my freedom, my life, my body and have a child for a man who is simply so ungrateful and selfish. What’s the point.

Even if you want to start all over, you don born naa, you’re almost like second hand goods so you just feel compelled to manage. You look in the mirror your body is filled with stretch marks saggy boobs , loose skin, where do you want to go? After all the Sacrifices, your supposed spouse will still cheat and have no remorse.

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Don’t get me started if you’re abroad, nobody to help you. So you have to sit at home day in and day out to take care of a baby, whilst your youth and life passes you by. You can’t hustle like how you want to because you have the burden of the child that you must always think of. You become an old boring depressed soul doing the same thing over and over again, stuck in the house with no life. If I can go back in time, I would have never sacrificed anything for nobody. There’s no benefit and contentment in marriage with the wrong person. If one must Make a sacrifice, let it be with someone who is deemed worthy. I just want to be free again. I envy single free women who live their life without the burden of child care and homely duties. Without the mental stress of trying to keep a home when it’s one sided. Body and mental still intact, you don’t know what you have. Please cherish it and enjoy every minute of it because what you have is worth more than gold. Freedom and peace of mind is priceless, hold on to it with your life.



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  1. Dear poster it seems you are regretting that you got married to the wrong spouse and at the same time regretting that you also bore a child for him. That child is all you have got for now, do whatever thing you need to do to make sure that child is happy despite what his father is doing to you. Forget about the stretch marks,saggy boobs and all of that,what matters is you,your baby okay. It is not bad getting married early but it is worse marrying a stupid person,please try get a job and forget about his excesses,it is well with you and your baby

  2. If love is blind then marriage is an eye opener.

    Take it easy… “A wise man once said…. if life throws you a lemon, you make lemonade out of it.”

    You didn’t say the man beat you, he doesn’t abuse you. He is not poor. The problem is that you are not allowed to go out, you are lonely or bored because you are nursing a baby.

    If you want to hustle or do something that will keep you busy, sit your husband down, discuss and iron things out.

    What most women doesn’t know or forgets is that, once you get married and have a baby, taken care of a child(ren) is a full time job, cooking is full time job. Taking care of the house is another full time job and other minor chores. This is the reason why rich people hire house helps o.

    Note that marriage is not the end of the world and you are not forced to stay in the union.

    Make the best out of that situation. God is in control.

    Thank you.


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