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Help! My wife is frustrating my life


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Help! My wife is frustrating my life


Good morning Mma,

pls post this for me and make my ID invisible and also notify me when you Post thanks. Pls I need advice from people here. This is my five years in marriage, my wife was very supportive when we started the relationship that leads us to marriage today. We have a year and eight months baby girl. Since she (my wife) was so supportive when we started the relationship, as God come bless me i open a business for her and I know how much she gain from the business monthly after paying the per person she employ.

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For the past two years now since my wife get very close to one of her single mother friend, all her plans now is to save money in case of divorce, once I collect my monthly salary I always give her what I normally give her right for the beginning adding to the money she’s collecting every week from the okada bought for one guy to be given her the balance.

My main salary is not up to sixty thousand naira, if I pay my monthly loan I collected and also give her feeding money, sometimes I will be leftover with small amount of money for my transport to work. I know how much my wife gain every month but if the least thing like close up, if I no buy my wife will be using salt to brush her teeth instead of buying it. For me to post this here, am trying all my best for her to change but it’s seems that the thing is increasing every day. I don’t know where she keeps her money am getting tired of everything. She knows everything about my finances and I can never hide any of my money from her.

I don’t know what to do now pls I need an urgent solution pls

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  1. Bro take it easy with urself ,u need to sit ur wife down n explain things to her make her understand all the challenges ur facing at work n with ur finance, make her see reasons she needs to manage situations with u. But in honestly things are highly cost in the market na but never least talk to her in calm n cool manner for her to able to understand u more better.


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