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Please Advise -I Wanted To Marry A Virgin But I Found Something Better


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Please Advise -I Wanted To Marry A Virgin But I Found Something Better

Please I need your advice. I really am not into dram when it comes to relationship. I am 37 years old. I would like to get settled to a nice young lady this year. I have been with all sorts of women so I know what I want. I am also very successful in my career, so I really want a lady that will be a home maker, even if she is not bringing in much, I will take care of her. All I want is someone to make our home beautiful with beautiful children.

I met Aisha (not real name) a few months ago.She is from Edo state but she stays in Lagos with her eldest sister who is 30 and still single. Aisha is 24 and a virgin. She is very intelligent, just graduated as a Lawyer. When I met her, she fitted my vision. She says she was ready for marriage before the end of this year. Very intelligent and very beautiful.

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The only challenge I have with Aisha is that she is very naïve. I think I am her first real boyfriend or maybe she has not dated someone my age cos her friends are around her age mates. Aisha is naïve and gets very angry and starts to sulk anytime we have a small misunderstanding. I tell her she behaves childish and she just gets off and cuts me off all the time.

I miss her, so I find myself begging her anytime I offend her. I just love her but her childish behavior pisses me off. She thinks because I have had several relationships in the past,so any girl I am talking to or liking their pics online, then I am cheating. I try everyday to reassure her and its becoming tiring.

Two months ago, she started again. This time, I had to tell myself that I truly cannot marry Aisha because, even though she fits all the profile of the kind of wife I want, she is just immature emotionally. So, this time, instead of begging her like I would usually, I ignored her. Thinking she would wise up and stop her childishness. For two whole weeks, I did not call, she too…didn’t call. I then tried to call and found out that she blocked my line. I felt hurt and realized that she actually broke up with me.

Heartbroken, I chatted her elder sister (Jemimia) to please help me beg her sister. The sister chatted with me and instead of trying to help, asked me why I was wasting my time with such a spoilt brat. I was surprised and before I knew it, Aisha’s elder sister was flirting with me. She told me how she used to wish she had a man as patient and loving as me. She then said that if I wanted to get Aisha back, I should make her feel jealous.

Jemimia came up with a plan that I should pretend to be dating her and see if her sister would not come back. I loved the idea even though I felt it was dangerous. And so, Jemimia started coming to my house and take pictures and post online so that her sister would see it. And it began to work. Aisha started feeling bad but what we did not plan was that one day, Jemimia came to see me and next thing stripped and all I could say was wow…

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Jemimia is hot and very curvy. She went down and me and did all kinds of bad things…no man can resist. I ended up f*cking Jemimia nad since then, I have not been able to control myself. I know this is bad because Aisha is trying to make an effort to come back thinking her sister and I are just hanging out, not knowing we are f*cking.

I eventually told Jemimia that I cannot continue playing Aisha and she said ok. We ended the game and I tried to go back to Aisha the virgin sister but now, all I can think of is, I want to be with Jemimia. She is more mature, beautiful, damn good cook and f*cks like a pro. I am in deep shit. I found the courage to tell Aisha that I am in love with her sister and that she caused it. Aisha is heartbroken and begging me to give her a chance.

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I now know that Aisha is not for me. She is childish. So,if I didn’t make her jealous, she would not have come to her senses? Unfortunately, her sister found something in me that she threw away. And the interesting thing is: their parents are happy that I want to marry Jemimia cos she is the eldest and they want her to marry since she is already 30 years old.

My only issue is that I feel bad for Aisha. She moved out of the house and is not talking to anyone. I am now planning to marry Jemimia in a few weeks. Jemimia is everything to me. I am happier and I love that she knows how to please her man. Jemimia and I act like adults. She respects me and gives me honor as her husband to be. Always ready to make me feel happy whereas Aisha is still acting childish. I only feel bad that I caused a rift in their family but their parents and everyone has said I should not worry too much about Aisha. That she will come around.

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They even suggested I can marry two of them since they are Muslims but I am not sure I can handle two women plus Aisha has refused the idea. Everyone knows the truth that Aisha is childish and maybe not really ready for marriage. She likes me because I always treat her right and always patient with her.

Just that…why am I still feeling bad about this? Could it be that I maybe still be in love with Aisha? Or is it just a normal feeling because I made her leave home and is no longer talking to her family? Will I ever be able to have her as my sister-in-law? I don’t know. I am not a bad person but this is how things have turned out. Please advise me.




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Please Advise -I Wanted To Marry A Virgin But I Found Something Better
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  1. I think you have made up your mind on what to do since you’re getting married very soon.. your parent in-law are supporting your marriage plan to the eldest sister so go ahead
    Aisha will come around according to the parents…they know her better than we all do..so go ahead and I wish you the best of luck..

  2. I think you are actually the childish one, a lady came to seduce you and you had sex, next thing, you think you love her, sex has blinded you thinking. How do you even justify it. You said she fucks like a pro, you are really immature and I don’t care how old you are. When ladies like this cheat on you in marriage you will then begin to say ladies are wicked. You need a rethink, for Jemima to take advantage of the fact that her younger sister’s relationship is having issues, and she came to your place to get naked and you fell for her and you say Aisha is childish, it’s funny how you played the victim meanwhile you are the culprit. You are childish, pls read what you posted again. GOD bless you.

  3. From what you have said you are a good man with conscience,Aisha is childish and still young, you are much more older than her so the difference is clear. Go for Jemima,she already has the qualities of a good wife, so go ahead . Do not marry two sisters,don’t dare no matter the pressure. I wish you well and all the best in your marriage.

    • My advice is to not marry any of these ladies… she was jealous of her sister’s relationship all along and for her to know that u are her lil sister’s ex or bf to come on to u like that says a lot about her character…you do not love her…its all lust and since your penis made your decision for you…I hope you can love this girl and be faithful to her if something should happen(medically)and there is no sex. Aisha should stay from you and her sister…love u all from a distance….yes she is childish, you stated her weakness but we all have weaknesses. Also with a virgin and an experienced experienced person you should know how to deal with them…they lack experience so there is a specific grace required to deal with them…. I believe Aisha was also told pure for u…


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