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100 Romantic Love Messages and Text 2021, To send to Spouse, Boyfriend and Girlfriend


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To breed a healthy relationship with your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend, you must feed the love and affection between you and your lover. One of the simplest yet most efficient ways of doing this is through sweet words of assurance. It’s amazing how quick text or a well-crafted romantic message can have so much impact on someone.

By sending romantic messages, you not only keep the spark in your relationship vibrant but also reassure your partner of your never-ending love. Our well compiled love messages below will help you keep the fire in your relationship and make your partner happy every day.

Below are 100 ROMANTIC LOVE MESSAGES: Love messages for wife, Text messages to wife, Love messages to husband, Text messages to husband, love messages to girlfriend, and love messages to your boyfriend 2021

Sweet Message For Your Lover

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1. I knоw thаt whеn I am оldеr, I will lооk back аt thе dауѕ whеn we uѕеd tо argue аbоut реttу thingѕ аnd I will bе happy, knowing that оur lоvе wаѕ ѕtrоngеr аnd bigger thаn those thingѕ. You need to know thаt I аm thаnkful thаt уоu аrе in mу lifе аnd thаt I will love уоu till thе dау I die. Unсоnditiоnаllу аnd withоut аnу еnd, I lоvе уоu, baby

2. I know I аlwауѕ tell you I love you, hоnеѕtlу it iѕn’t enough, this I knоw, bесаuѕе those thrее words саn’t rеаllу describe the way I fееl аbоut уоu, you givе mе buttеrfliеѕ when I kiѕѕ you, I hаvе nеvеr bееn thiѕ аttасhеd tо anyone, the love I have for you words саnnоt dеѕсribе, I аm rеаllу lоѕt for wоrdѕ now, but knоw that уоu аrе еvеrуthing to me, аll I hаvе еvеr wanted аnd еvеn mоrе, I lоvе уоu ѕо muсh mу аngеl, you аrе my everything.

3. I have a соnfеѕѕiоn my lоvе: I hаvе fallen in lоvе with уоu. I fееl as thоugh you аnd I аrе mеаnt tо bе tоgеthеr. I аm ѕо hарру thаt I’vе found mу soul mаtе, I wаnt to bе in your lоvе triаnglе аѕ long аѕ I live in thiѕ wоrld, till thе ѕun ѕtорѕ tо ѕhinе, I will kеер lоving you.

  1. Baby, уоu аrе my inѕрirаtiоn. I саnnоt fаthоm whаt I wоuld be likе without уоu in mу lifе. Tаkе еvеrуthing away frоm mе аnd уоu will be thе оnlу thing that I dеѕirе. All thаt I have fоr you iѕ unсоnditiоnаl lоvе. Yоu have аlwауѕ bееn thе ѕhоuldеr I сrу оn. You аnd me fоrеvеr!5. I knоw I аlwауѕ tell you I lоvе уоu, honestly it isn’t еnоugh, thiѕ I know, because those three wоrdѕ саn’t rеаllу dеѕсribе thе wау I feel about уоu, уоu givе me butterflies whеn I kiѕѕ you, I have never bееn this аttасhеd tо anyone, thе lоvе I hаvе for уоu words саnnоt describe, I аm really lоѕt for wоrdѕ nоw, but know that уоu аrе еvеrуthing tо mе, аll I hаvе еvеr wanted аnd еvеn mоrе, I lоvе уоu ѕо muсh mу angel, you are my everything.6. If уоu would ѕее the way I ѕее уоu, уоu wоuld knоw fееl the joy I gеt when wе are tоgеthеr, I knоw уоu fееl it tоо, but you would have tо be mе tо undеrѕtаnd mу feelings fоr you bеttеr, baby I аm сrаzу аbоut уоu, the way I fееl about уоu I dоubt if thеrе аrе any Engliѕh wоrdѕ out thеrе thаt could givе mе the еxасt еxрlаnаtiоn of mу feelings.

    7. Some get high on hаrd drugѕ, ѕоmе take bаnnеd substances to gеt morale or gingеrеd uр, but honey, you аrе mу ginger, you аrе mу bооѕt, you ѕау thе wоrd I аm inspired I аm rеаdу tо wоrk, when you givе mе thоѕе bеаutiful smiles оf yours and tеll mе уоu can do it, thеrе is really nоthing I can’t do, уоu are my bасkbоnе, without уоu I саn’t wаlk, I love уоu so muсh, and mу lifе depends оn thаt.
    8. I don’t think thеrе iѕ аnу trеаѕurе as valuable as уоu, researchers аnd explorers hаvе gоnе round thе world аnd ѕtill ѕеаrсhing fоr thе mоѕt valuable, I аm juѕt wоndеring whаt thеу are lооking for, bесаuѕе thеу wоn’t find what they аrе looking fоr, because I hаvе уоu with mе, my bаbу уоu аrе thе most vаluаblе trеаѕurе, my rаrе gеm, I love уоu diе.

    9. I ѕаt and looked bасk to hоw fаr wе’vе come tоgеthеr. Wе hаvе trаvеllеd a diѕtаnсе immеаѕurаblе and hаvе plied mеntаl раthѕ thаt саn’t bе vеrbаlizеd. I looked within my hеаrt оnlу tо ѕее how rhуthmiсаl it’ѕ bееn beating… from thе vеrу first day it clung in lоvе with уоurѕ – since I mеt уоu!

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    10. I juѕt wаnt tо bе by your side, I wiѕh I could give you mу arm thаt уоur strength wоn’t fаil. I juѕt want to bе thеrе fоr уоu аlwауѕ, I knоw I got tо wоrk a lot, but not being with уоu sometimes gets me сrаzу, I really miѕѕ уоu my hоnеу. Tаkе саrе оf yourself thеrе my love, саn’t wаit tо bе with уоu.

    11. A lifе оf mеаning, a lifе with lot оf роѕitivеѕ, a life filled with ѕignifiсаnсе, a lifе оf mеrrу and happiness, a life of unеnding bliѕѕ, аll thеѕе I hаvе ѕinсе уоu wаlkеd intо mу life, your love iѕ thе раѕѕiоn thаt lightѕ uр mу wоrld, thе rеmаining dауѕ оf mу life will bе nоthing ѕhоrt of splendor, I аm glad I hаvе уоu in mу lifе, I lоvе уоu ѕwееtѕ

Romantic Love Messages For Your Wife

  1. Trust me when I say your love is more than a simple word to me. It’s so real that it is part of who I am. It’s so intense that I can’t get enough of it.
  2. The more time we spend together, the stronger our love grows. You are worth more than diamonds and all the riches on earth. I will love you forever.
  3. This journey isn’t always easy, but you have stuck by my side from the first day. I no longer live for myself because everything you do gives my life purpose. I live for us and our deep connection.
  4. You fascinate and inspire me. You thrill and excite me. You calm me and give me peace. You are simply amazing, and I will spend my whole life showing you how much I love you.
  5. Your love has altered my world, and your sweet gaze warms my heart. Your touch makes me quiver, and just being near you fills my heart with joy. I love you.
  6. I wished for you to be mine for a long time. My prayer has now been answered and my wishes granted because we are together and nothing can keep us apart. I am more in love with you today than ever.
  7. When we are together, the world ceases to exist and the only thing I can see is the two of us sitting side by side, sharing emotions that can’t be put into words.
  8. You were the one who inspired me to be a better man, just by loving me. I want to make you proud and inspire you to be the woman you want to be. I love you, my dearest wife!
  9. No matter how many years we share together in our marriage, there are two times when I want to be with you – now and forever.
  1. You are the mother of my children and the beat of my heart. You are the queen of our family and the woman of my dreams. I love you, my beautiful wife and partner.
  2. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me. Since coming into my life, you have made everything seem brighter and more positive. I am a happier man knowing we get to spend forever together. I love you.
  3. You revised my world when you entered my life. The change is obvious to everyone who knows me. You added color, meaning, and intense joy to my world. There are no words to describe how much you mean to me.
  4. I knew my life’s true meaning as soon as you married me. I love you, my beautiful wife.
  5. You do not have to speak a single word, but when you smile, you communicate a thousand sweet words to me. I love you so much.
  6. Every time I look at you, I notice your beauty that is out of this world. You shine brighter than the sun, and you sparkle like the night stars. When I stand in front of you, I become breathless. I love you so much.
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27. Most people concentrate on how fast their lives are moving, but all I ever think about is how you soothe everything revolving around me. Thank you for being mine.

  1. Each time my phone rings or vibrates, you are the first person that comes to mind. If I had a way to spend every minute of every hour with you for the rest of my life, I would be the happiest person alive.
  2. In a world where people are motivated by various factors and dreams, my sole motivation is you and the future I want us to have. Cheers to a brighter future.
  3. I can’t comprehend which is better between waking up next to you or sleeping next to you every day. Hurry back home so I can conclude.
  4. Darling, you’re the true definition of beauty. Your majesty shines through my life and it makes my life colorful. Shine on baby!
  5. You’re my last love, everything I ever desire, I find in you and more. Keep blessing me with your love baby.
  6. When we met, I pretended to be a strong man with a lot of walls built around my heart, but you demolished those walls and found your way in. I never planned on loving you but now my life will go astray if you leave me. I love you.
  7. As water keeps a plant growing, petrol keeps a car moving, so does your love keep me going. Your love strengthens me when I’m weak, makes me smile when I’m sad and gives me hope when I’m lifeless. I love you.
  8. Stay with me, don’t go far away from me because a day without you is a total blackout. Come back and light up my dark world. I love you, my sunshine.
  9. Sweeter than honey, brighter than the stars at night, beautiful than a peacock, calm like a dove, you’re just outstanding in every way, my queen. I love you, baby.
  10. I looked for a woman I could live with, but I ended up marrying the woman I can’t live without. I love and cherish you.On the first day I met you, I had a special feeling about us. It was a feeling of peace and happiness believing that my dreams were about to come true.

Romantic Love Messages for My Husband

38. I look at you and the world disappears. Nothing matters when I’m with you.

  1. I’m drowned in your love. Lost in your embrace. On your chest I find warmth. You’re all I want darling, you’re all I need.
  2. Your smile sets my heart at ease. It does things to me, better left unprinted. I really can’t get enough of you my hero. I love you.
  3. Nothing appeals to me more than the sight of you…. Than the feel of your body next to mine. You’re all I desire in a man. I love you.
  4. My heart does a flip every time I see you. You have managed to break through the shield I put up to guard my heart. I’m your prisoner baby. At your service always.
  5. All these years, and we still going strong. Nothing can ever come between us. No matter what happens, I’ll always love you.
  6. I don’t know how you do this baby. You’re always so fresh and young. I desire you, darling. You arouse me always.
  7. My hero. The one who holds the key to my heart. My special man. You captivate me always. I love you so much.
  8. Your heart beats in mine and mine in yours. Ours is an unending circle of love. A chord that cannot be broken. I love you so much my darling.
  9. I can never get enough of you. You’re the reason my heart sings. You’re the reason there’s a bounce in my steps. My life is richer and it’s because of you. I love you so much.

48. When a woman is loved, it shows. I glow like flowers in spring and it’s because of no other but you. I love you so much.

  1. You’re a beautiful, rare heart. A selfless lover. A generous provider. You’re my beautiful crown and you fit so perfectly.
  2. Your eyes on me, always heavy with a message. I hear my heart beating in yours. Years of togetherness, we’re blended so perfectly. I love you so much, sweetheart.
  3. We’re so well blended. Fitted to perfection. Ours is a love others dream of. We’re so lucky to have each other.
  4. Variety, they say is the spice of life. Each day I’m treated to a new you. Each day better than the one before. I love the taste of you. You fill my life with so much sweetness.
  5. You treat me like I have no fault, like I’m an Angel. I see you practically worship the ground I tread. I feel so special with you. You make me feel like a rare treasure.
  6. Sometimes it’s rough but you never leave me in doubt of your love. You never leave me thirsty or excluded. You do your best and I know I matter to you.
  7. Love is, you and I, entwined in an embrace, shutting out the world, doing nothing but loving.
  8. There are layers and layers to you my darling. Each day is a special opportunity to unwrap the beautiful gift that you are. Life with you is a beautiful adventure.
  9. Whether rough or smooth, I know you’ll always be there. You’re time tested and you’re true.

58. Your heart is a fountain of love flowing ceaselessly. I could drown in your love. The feeling of being loved by you is heavenly.

  1. Sweetheart, how do we keep bouncing back? We’re like a cat with nine lives. Our love will never be defeated.
  2. Your love is bold, it glitters like a giant diamond. And I, so proud, to be the object of your affection. I love the way you love me.
  3. I’ve enjoyed the kiss of heaven. I’m favoured by the Lord. Your love is stuff meant for dreams. I’m so blessed to have you as my reality.
  4. I make a solemn promise, I’ll always be there for you, the way you’re always there for. I say this on my honour, I’ll always come through for you.
  5. Two hearts fused into one. Your words are a reflection of my thoughts. Our Hearts and spirits are knitted. You’re not just my dearest husband. You’re my best friend.
  6. Baby, I’ll cherish you forever. I’ll always adore you. I will love you like you deserve. You’re my own special man.
  7. You’re the treasure I found. You’re mine to keep. You glow in this dark world. You light up my life.

Romantic Love Text Messages For Girlfriend

66. Loving someone and being loved back the same way is the most fulfilling thing in the entire world. I wish I met you a little bit sooner to press my lips against yours and get more chances to hug you. Cheers to many more years of being together!

  1. Most times, I lie around wondering whether love is worth fighting and dying for. Then I sit back and think about us, and I get ready for you because I would die for you without a second thought. That is how much I love and treasure you. You are simply the best.
  2. Getting to know you is magical because you are angelic in every aspect. Thank you for calling me yours and accepting me for who I am, with all my imperfections. In you, I find peace, comfort, and bliss.
  3. Sweetheart, this is my vow to you today. I’ll be your lover, your friend, and I’ll love you like there’s no tomorrow. This heart belongs to you forever, baby.
  4. I can’t even imagine how life would be without you. It would be like a river without water, a beach without sand, and a body without a brain. I’m empty without you, my love.
  5. I have tried my best to be the best hubby in the whole wide world. As a soldier in this love affair, my mission is to make you the happiest and most fulfilled woman. Let me love you endlessly till the end of our days. Feel appreciated, dear one.
  6. I don’t know how many years I have left, but I know I’ll spend every moment with you. No one on the planet makes me as happy or as lively as you do. Every second spent with you is worth more than a thousand lifetimes without you.
  7. You’re the queen of my kingdom and the best thing that ever happened to me. Being with you has been and will always be my greatest blessing. I love you, sweetie.
  8. Baby, seeing your smile brightens my days. On my darkest days, all I crave is your smile and your electric touch. In so many ways, you heal every broken part of me.
  9. You gave me light in the dark, water in times of thirst, joy in my saddest moments. All I want is for you to be happy forever. Let me make you the happiest woman on the planet.
  10. If an Angel asked me to make a wish, I would ask for more days because there’s not enough time in the world to show you how much you mean to me.
  11. Every day before I wake up and retire to bed, you are the only thought that crosses my mind. I would like to be your sun moon and stars combined. I dropped a tear in the ocean and the day I find it is the day I stop looking for it.
  12. You’re the one that entered my life from nowhere but suddenly became my world instead. Stay by my side forever because I could never live without you, my love..

Romantic Love Messages for My Boyfriend

79. You are my sun my love and I will bathe in the light of your photosynthesis to blossom. I love you so much.

  1. Life with you is not perfect, but loving you has taught me to appreciate the glass half-full and be amazed that thorns could bear roses.
  2. Every day with you is a dream I would never wake up from. I love you so much.
  3. Never has someone brought out the little girl in me, fulfilling all my hopes and dreams. I love you so much.
  4. I remember those sad days when the sun refused to shine silver lining above grey clouds and you would do all to make me smile. I love you so much.

Sweet Love Text Messages for Boyfriend

  1. There is no recovering from loving you because I love you so much.
  2. You are the face of my future, the hope my love clings too. I love you so much, honey.
  3. What is food without seasoning or a mouth without a tongue? Such is life without you.
  4. Like the sands of the countless seashores is my love for you. Unending, countless, so much.
  5. You are the spice of my world. Without you, my life would be so bland. I love you so much boo.
  6. This message is for the most amazing person to ever walk the earth. The one whose first step made trees sing and birds pause in mid-flight. Love you so much.
  7. I want to steal this moment to say that I love you so much.
  8. You are my sweet on those bitter days, my blanket on those stormy days. I love you so much.
  9. To be with someone as awesome as you are is a no-brainer. I love you so much.
  10. I consider my best choice to be you. There could be no better person to share life with. I love you very much, my dear.

Sweet Love Messages for Girlfriend

94. With you in my life, the world seems much happier, the birds chirp a little louder, the sun shines just a little brighter, the grass grows a bit greener, and my heart beats a little faster.

  1. You are there when I go to sleep, you are there when I wake up, and most importantly, you are there when I need you the most. I can not do nothing without thinking of you!
  2. No matter what, you will always be my lady, my queen, my life, my everything. I deeply love you!
  3. You are the reason I wake up with a smile on my face every morning. You are never off my mind; You are in my dreams, and even then, you are still perfect in every way.
  4. I could say to you a thousand words on how much I really love you, and how absolutely wonderful you are, but still then it would not be enough.
  5. It was attraction when we met, but now love is going to keep us together forever!
  6. You taught me true meaning of life from you sweetheart. Thanks for being there for me always!

Please note that the messages contained in this article were not originally compiled by this author but were edited where necessary



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