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I Caught My Young Landlord’s Fiancee Naked. Now This Is Happening


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I Caught My Young Landlord’s Fiancee Naked. Now This Is Happening


Let me make this very brief and please pardon my grammatical blunders.

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I live at the back of a self contained apartment in a fenced compound with my landlord at the main house. So I usually go play early morning football with friends at a nearby pitch on Saturdays but lastnight i went to club and I’m having a hangover this morning so i couldn’t go for soccer, I was just in my room trying to fight the headache and all. My landlord’s young beautiful fiancee a lady of about 28years most times spend the weekend at her fiance that is my landlord’s house and she knows i normally comeback around like 10-11am after soccer and talks with my friends. She thought she was alone in the compound and maybe decided to get i don’t really know maybe freaky,sensual or that’s how she have been doing in the past, She was having her bath butt naked in the compound and my landlord has gone out for his business.

I didn’t know she was naked or outside, I just came outside my room to try go get a cold soft drink then like magic i saw a raw body with curves and nipple in glare dayligth…she made a sound like surprised to see me and quickly covered her boobs she could barely cover because of the large size with one hand and below with another hand…I covered my eyes and said sorry i didn’t see anything then walked back swiftly.

Just now she came to my room all dressed and said did i like what i saw, i didn’t reply…she asked again…i told her i closed my eyes immediately, i just saw a flash and nothing i can place my thoughts on again. She is threatening me to report to my landlord if i don’t get naked for her to see me too.

I don’t understand what kinda lady is this…she is acting weird and i don’t want her to turn the story around when my landlord is back.

Please nairalanders what should i do?!

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  1. Oga tell us the whole truth so that we can advise you accordingly, there is something you haven’t told us and until you say it I remain silent on this one

    • Na wa ooh, what do you mean by the whole truth, like you don’t know how crazy some people can be. If you have any advice to give just pass by and stop making someone feel he is lying on top of his story.

      Well, my 2scent is that as far as you are paying for your rent, she can go to hell. Don’t ever give in to her demands, in fact when next she threatens you, record it for evidence.

  2. The lady want to set him up. Anyways he can record all her voice tactically using his phone, if not she will set him up. Or best thing leave the house simple ASAP.

  3. […] how to go about it in a way that nobody gets hurt. . For three days now she has been walking around naked in the house but I don’t think I could do anything with her anymore because I am no longer […]


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