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Help! My wife’s friend is pregnant and I am responsible


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Help! My wife’s friend is pregnant and I am responsible
I am seeking counsel from you and your friends. Please tell me what to do. My wife’s friend is pregnant and I am responsible. This isn’t something to be proud of but please let me avail you with the details.
Shortly after my wedding, I lost my job and things became very tough for me. I was shocked at what my wife became suddenly. For the seven months of my being unemployed I suffered emotionally in her hands. She would do the things I hated. She would wear the dresses I despise. She knows that I love her long hairs and because I hadn’t got money or job, she cut the hair and tinted it. I have never liked women with painted hairs. She was never in the mood for conjugation and gradually, we drifted apart. As for kids, she said she would have them only when I was ready financially to father them before she’d have them.
When the rent expired, I sold my car to pay because she was not supportive even though her business was blossoming. She said she didn’t marry me to take care of bills. She never bothered to tell me whenever she wanted to travel for business; a business I opened for her with six million naira when we were still dating.
So, back to her friend who is now pregnant for me. My wife would usually take her car to her friend’s house and park it there whenever she was traveling. One day I was heading home in the rain after job-hunting. That was when her friend drove past in my wife’s car and found me. She was very upset to see me in that condition. We went to her house that night and that was how we started. Through her connection, I got a job.
However, recently I have begun to notice that my wife is changing and now cooks food. She spends more time now at home and her wife material qualities are on the steep. I must tell you the truth, I don’t feel anything anymore for her and want to tell her to leave. All that I need from you is to advise me on how to tell her this so that we can both go our separate ways peacefully. There will be no need advising me to take her back because my mind is made up. Just tell me how to go about it in a way that nobody gets hurt.
For three days now she has been walking around naked in the house but I don’t think I could do anything with her anymore because I am no longer attracted to her.
Please how do I go about this?”

Friends, lets talk to this fellow.


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  1. Tell her straight up, but that nobody will be hurt is impossible. She will be hurt and there will be many other issues that would spring up but be ready to face it. You are guilty so just accept your faults and try to be better for that child you are expecting

  2. Since your mind is made up. But for your wife, she is a greedy person, when you got a job she changed for the better. But you to Bro is greedy, why did you commit adultery. It’s evil to commit that, pls stop it NOW. I hope you guys settle. GOD bless you


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