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We Hooked Up During The Lockdown – He Wants Me To Break-Off My Engagement


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We Hooked Up During The Lockdown – He Wants Me To Break-Off My Engagement


Please hide my contact details in this post. I will just go straight to the point. Last year, I had a brief affair with someone. It was during the lockdown. I was lonely cos I just broke up with someone that I planned to marry in February 2020. He got someone pregnant and the girl revealed she had 2 abortions before that pregnancy and she was not going to abort anymore.

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I was heartbroken and started to drink. There was this bar in my Estate and I would just go there and drink to stupor. That was when I met Josh (not real name). He actually helped me walk back to my apartment one night after I got drunk. We had mad s8x that night. We We repeated that three nights in a roll. I did not know anything else about him except his name and phone number.

After that first week, I called and he did not respond. I called several times and he did not respond. So, I tracked him on Facebook and when I sent him a message, he responded saying he had a great time with me but he cannot continue cos he is married. Wow…I did not see that coming cos he never said he was married when we were f*cking. So, I left him alone. But he contacted me in August last year.

Josh said he knows he offended me but that he was having issues in his marriage when he met me at the bar and he just wanted a fling to forget his troubles. So, I asked him why coming back to me now cos I don’t do married men. He said he wants us to be just friends. I said ok. And that is how both of us became very good friends. We talk about everything from family to work even to his marriage and the different people I am dating at the time.

Josh wife is such a trouble maker and Jos has been trying to make it work but she keeps making it hard for him cos she lives abroad. The woman eventually filed for a divorce last December and they have been at it. Josh wanted to work out his marriage for the sake of their nine year old daughter but the wife is just too crazy.

Josh and I then introduced me to his friend who is single and we started seeing each other . Suddenly, Josh’s wife filed for a divorce in December. Josh then started  coming for me, and his friend that I am dating, proposed to me. I actually like this guy. Josh actually encouraged me to date him when me and him were still just friends. And so, when he proposed, I was confused cos Josh was trying to come back and this guy is also serious about me.

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Both guys are very good friends. Josh was a very good friend cos he was there for me and I was there for him too when we both were having relationship problems. But this other guy is totally an amazing guy. I told Josh that I would like to choose him but my heart is with this guy too. Josh came to my place and I lost all control. I cant control myself around Josh and same for this guy.

I really don’t know how its possible to be in love with two great guys at the same time. Like I said, both guys know about each other and they are trying to outdo each other to win me. Josh friend is telling me not to consider Josh cos if he cheated on his wife with me when they were married, he could cheat on me if I marry him.

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I know he is just trying to discourage me from choosing Josh but that I also know that I am not the only girl Josh hooked up with in his marriage. Josh is a fantastic lover no doubt. But will he be loyal? Why does my feelings for him still grow strong even when I have such a great guy? Please advise me.




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We Hooked Up During The Lockdown - He Wants Me To Break-Off My Engagement
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  1. My dear Sister. Honestly, did you read what you posted. PLS leave married men alone, what’s wrong with you now. Pls get yourself together sister and stop all the rubbish you call love. Pls stop it and act like a good woman. You are being greedy and self centered. GOD bless you.

  2. Sister your just fooling urself bwt the two guys,wait a minute u slept with john n this same john introduced u to his friend as what! My Sister is best u end d nonsense relationship between u and those guys b4 dey will useless ur life.. U don’t know what u what for urself

  3. You should really sit yourself down and decide the kind of life you want for yourself and what you really want to fulfill destiny… you’re not helping yourself at all with the kind of choices you’re making in your relationship..


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