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How To Save Your Husband From The Hands Of Side Chicks


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How To Save Your Husband From The Hands Of Side Chicks

When God Created the Universe, he created only the man and later created the only Female called Eve. Eve was practically given to Adam because there was no other woman to choose from. This means he had no choice than to accept Eve without thinking about it.

He eventually stayed with Eve and they both sinned against God by disobeying the Almighty God. Practically, Satan was the cause but Eve caused Adam to eat the fruit too and that act made God threw them out from the Garden which was prepared for them.

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Adam had no choice but to allow Eve to follow him and I bet if he had a choice, He would have prevented her. In another instance, he could have decided not to allow her to follow him at all too but what kept them together was because in Adam’s eyes Eve was the only woman for him and that nothing should separate them since a covenant was made between the two of them for eternity. God was the witness of that covenant so it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

She was the only woman who was beautiful in Adam’s eye as seen in Genesis 2:22-23 And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman and brought her unto the man. And Adam said, “This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman because she was taken out of Man.”

Although Eve contributed in their destruction, Adam made a choice by sticking to her, He could have stayed alone but he virtually loved her and that love was very deep, real, true, genuine and unconditional from my perspective. With all this, I am implying in this era, there are so many kinds of women around the Globe: tall, short, slim, plus-sized, fair, dark-skinned etc. This era is not like that of Eve’s and you cannot do anything to prevent your husband from having a side chick after marriage unless the man himself sees you as the only Eve meant for him out of these numerous women. It takes a man who is discipline and has self-control like Joseph, one who fears God, loves God to keep himself out of an extramarital affair. Remember a man who does not want to be kept by you will cheat no matter how you kill yourself for him but in all of this, there are some things you can do to keep his mind from side chicks.

  1. The Very Vital Or Important One Is Prayer

As a believer, I believe prayer can solve any problem on this universe and it’s the only key to our problems. When you were on the altar saying your vows, it was a covenant between you, your husband and God. This means with God, you and your husband can have a peaceful and successful marriage. As a virtuous woman, you should always pray to commit your marital life in God’s hands and let him lead your marriage to the right path.

Temptations may come, fights will arise, but if you always cry to God, He will hear you out and Grant you your heart desire. Psalm 37:4 says “Delight thyself also in the LORD: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.”

  1. You Work On Yourself (Character And Attitudes)
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Your husband saw many women, He noticed you because he saw the qualities he loved and wanted in you, approached you and dated you. During dating, you were submissive, respectful, dresses neatly, supportive, sweet as in calling him sweet names and pampering him, you looked your best (attractive) when going to meet him and all that. He loved everything and went to the extent of marrying you and after putting the ring on your finger you change overnight or should I say your real self-resurfaced?

By doing this, you push him to do the unthinkable like getting a side chick who will do the job you were supposed to do. One Pastor said, it is after the marriage that the man will see the most beautiful women around, the women who are more beautiful than his wife and it takes the fear of God to stay faithful. Getting the ring doesn’t make you the only woman on earth because you are not my dear.

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It takes more than the ring to be happy and prevent all those extramarital affairs.

To have your husband all to yourself, you need to go an extra mile by building on the qualities he liked in you. You must be submissive to him always. You can be a good woman but if you disrespect and disobey your husband, you are landing him straight in the hands of another woman.

COMMUNICATION: You must know how to choose your words wisely when you are talking to your husband. Not shouting on top of your voice when communicating with him, learn to use please, sorry etc…when talking to him, do not use abusive words on him and in quarrels do not use words you will regret and put your marriage in danger. Example: “I regret marrying a useless man like you, if you don’t take care I will leave the marriage” – it is better to remain silent because words said cannot be taken back and decrease the nagging. Talk to him with all respect and he will love you.

DRESSING: I bet you know the kind of dressing your husband wants. If he wants you to look neat without exposing yourself when going out with you, you dress that way, if he wants you to dress and look s*xy too you do so. If he likes makeup and fixing of nails you do it for him and if he doesn’t want that, try and look natural for him. You just have to look attractive, catchy, and neat all the time.

Being a Mrs doesn’t mean you should always put on a headgear my dear, remove it, braid your hair, leave your natural on sometimes and change your face other times with nice weave on. Wash your hair frequently and look your best always. Put on heels to match dresses which need heels, down foot shoes for the appropriate dressing.

Personal hygiene must be maintained by bathing two times a day, use perfume to keep your body scent in good shape, shave all the time to prevent body odour because it scares men away, oral care must not be left out. Keep your mouth clean always and prevent mouth odour by brushing your teeth with toothpaste, you can also use mouth wash or visit the dental clinic when you have problems with your teeth in other to prevent mouth odour. Cut your fingernails short and clean too. Just be attractive, neat and presentable always my dear.

Bedroom Matter: Please and please don’t be boring when it comes to s*x. Before you even initiate s*x you must first make the bed inviting for the activity by Putting on new bedsheets and iron it to prevent creases and cramps, play nice love song if needed, shave if your husband doesn’t want a bushy Vjay but if he likes it just shave it in style or shape it for him, take your bath, put on a s*xy panty, and nightwear or any catchy dress, put on your perfume to look all spicy and prepared.

Keep the vjay neat all the time and treat all infections because ladies are always prone to those infections.

to be continued.


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