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I Got Intimate With Her And She Opened Up That She Is A Goddess


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I Got Intimate With Her And She Opened Up That She Is A Goddess


Hi Good People,

My name is Davindal. I am a 29 years old ex Nigerian soldier but now an IT Expert. I got married on September 2019 to my beautiful wife.

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It all started on March 2019, 6 months after I voluntarily discharged from the Nigerian Army due to serious injuries – though I am well and currently fit.

One evening around 9:10 PM, I was strolling home from a bar not too far from my street; when suddenly, A very pretty tall and well shaped chocolate complexioned lady accosted me. The moment I noticed that someone was fast advancing on my position from the rare, I had to quickly sway my body indefensive stance. Lol and behold, it was this very beautiful lady.

I was amazed at her. She equally noticed I was terrified and at the same time curious about her intention in bouncing on me from behind. Then she said, “Brother, please, I am sorry in the manner in which I approached you. My name is Ruth, and I have a problem and I need your help now”.

Hmm… I contemplated inwardly what the problem was…how could this fine girl be needing help from an ex-soldier that equally needs help so as to fix thing up. These thoughts and more roamed aggressively on my mind.

Then, I asked her what the problem was, and she told me that she is a first year student of UNN. that she lost her ATM card and hard nothing on her to buy anything basically food. She pleaded that I should just buy her food for the night.

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I searched my wallet, and found only N150. Guy man don spend all the N35000 (money) wey him carry commit around 6:00 PM to go flex some bottles and also buying drinks for a few homies. Whereas, in my area 2019 a plate of food was from N300 to N400 then.

I asked her not to worry, that despite the fact I had no enough money on me that I would still buy her food. She was all smiles.

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As an area, I took her to a restaurant at a distance of a pole away from where we were standing and bought her a plate of food worth N400 due to the two pieces of meat in it, and a bottle of malt. I met the madam who runs the restaurant who happens know me quite well, and promised to come pay them tomorrow.

She obliged and was even hailing me “Awua! the Awua rugged!!” maybe because of the fine babe. However, we left that restaurant around 10:15 PM.

When we got out of the restaurant she said, the gate keeper to her lodge might have locked the entrance gate. That she would need to talk to a few of her lodge mate to inform them that she was locked outside so the could call come beckon on the gatekeeper to come open the gate but the problem was zero airtime.

I said no qualms, I transferred N200 airtime to her mobile phone from my GTB account. Before me, she placed a call to a close lodge mate who then rushed to her request. We exchanged contact and she left.

Thereafter, we keep talking over the phone periodically, but I noticed she was becoming more attached, and was calling me endearing names. Contrary to her advances, I was in a relationship with another lady (who is currently my wife) before that encounter, and I didn’t want to cheat.

However, I lost my phone on June 2019 hence all the contact on it. When I bought a new phone 2 days later and welcomed back my sim I have to copy a few numbers from my diary into my new phone, hence lost her number.

I moved on, even though I was not eying her for a relationship but she called one day again and we started talking again. On September 2019, I married my wife traditionally without telling this babe about it.

Shockingly, I bumped into this babe in Port Harcourt, on 15 December, 2019… didn’t quite know she was the one for the only time I met her was in the night, and it was around my area at Nsukka.

That day In PH, I was going about my business when suddenly she bumped into me on the door way in a super market/shopping mall. I passed her by, and she called me by my name “Davindal!”. I turned but couldn’t recognized her easily. The style of her hair made her confusing in appearance.

She was looking extremely gorgeous. Guys around us where admiring her and also watching us in awe. Then she said, ” It is me…Ruth”. I was excited so was she too, we embraced each other. Drove in her car to a cool place to chill. NB: I was surprise seeing her in such a big car but I held my calm.

After which she told me her dad sent her for a business deal with a firm that she was in that shopping mall to pick a few things. Surprisingly, sas we were gisting she informed me that something in her tells her that I just married few months ago. I kept mute…couldn’t say a word. She said anyway no problems.

When I came back, to my hotel room, I was confused for I remembered, I never told her my name, not even in the night I met her, not to talk about getting married. I Couldn’t phatom how she new about these things.

Please note: I have a one year 5 months old son now, and my wife is currently pregnant.

Fast forward to this year 2021, though ever since I bumped into her in Port Harcourt on Dec. 2019 we have been talking over the phone and via WhatsApp media.

In one of my conversations with her she jokingly told me that she has a key to my stars, and that she loves me dearly and would do anything for my sake even though I am married.

Then I summoned courage to ask her how she came to that conclusion, and she said she would tell me when we meet. She asked to see me privately, I told her that I am on a contract job in Abuja, that I would be back to Enugu State in a month’s time.

I later came on April 2, 2021, sneakingly met and slept with her on 15th of April in a hotel. We had a nice time. She confessed how she loves me genuinely. In that hotel, though I paid for the room before I hinted her of the location.

During our intimacy time, she ordered and paid for all we ate and drank. When she was freshening up in the bathroom, as a security conscious person I checked her bag, and discovered stash of 500 naira notes, almost up to #45000. Other items are combs, eye pencils, brow powder, lipstick, tiny perfume can, and nothing more. I can say, this babe has wow b**bs, hip, huge thighs and *ss. Above all, with tight pu**y. I really enjoyed her.

The problem now is that she is becoming too attached to me. I even opened up to her that I am married, she cared less and said no problems. I traveled for another IT contract job to Lagos, and she was like, I should come back to Enugu and come and have her that she has grown so madly in love with me after that first sexu*all encounter. I kept on postponing the time I would be coming back until I promised her that I would come on 1st of May 2021 after which I couldn’t make it.

Finally, I made it to Enugu where I am based alone. She wanted to come see me yesterday 5th, 2021 from UNN but I threw up an excuse because people know my wife very well. My wife is also a student of UNN, Economics Dept., and she visits weekends from Nsukka. I didn’t want to insult her absence.

Why I am Scared

Yesterday, Ruth called me from UNN raging in anger that I don’t know whom she is. That in case I don’t know that she is a Goddess of wealth in the spiritual realm, and she posses supernatural power to ease of my life that I should know it now.

The moment I heard ‘Goddess’ cold shiver ran down my spine. Then I asked her to explain what she meant by calling herself a Goddess. She said that as a child long before she came in contact with me that she new me, that the injury I sustained in the military was pre-planned by my God to save me from untimely death. (I never told her I was in the military)

She went on to say, that although I seem successful in the myopic eyes of people. In furtherance, that I am suppose to be balling in higher level of wealth and money than I am currently balling because I am using only 1 star out of the seven higher stars I came into this world with. She said that she would be revealing her parents’ identities to me later on.

I told her that she never answered my question on being a Goddess, and she said she is a Goddess of wealth. That she has a gift which makes it possible that anyone she loved and blesses automatically see a brighter future, and fortune. That in my own case that she was assigned to me spiritually to make me stupendously rich such that I can help the less privileged in the world for I am kind hearted young man would doesn’t abuse privileges particularly when in the military.

This babe, 22 years old, equally reminded me that she had more than #10000 in her purse that night she came for me…that it was a trap to get in contact with my destiny.

Then, I became even more scared even through I was sounding firm and assertive. How she knew I was afraid got me scarier. She beckoned on me not to be afraid that she is a beautiful soul but also a supernatural person, and a Goddess who has been sent by almighty God to open my way properly. That she would bless me whenever I am ready to see her.

She reminded me to observe how things have been changing for good in my life ever since I met her, and Even more after our intimacy.

I reminded her that it would be some how to marry her a second wife, but she said she doesn’t care that all she wants is to be with me that she would easily get along with her supposed co wife. She said she has her on money which is equally mine for an even more happy home. My wife is 23.

She is 22 and in 300 level, sparkling pretty, and gorgeous.

Please, who has experienced this for I don’t know if she is a ghost or human?

Should I still be seeing her? Pls I need an advice for truly, I have been getting contracts steadily.

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Photo Credit:Photographer Paulina Fadrowska


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  1. Hmmm
    This is a very dicey situation that must be dealt with accordingly, not via force or trick just be sincere with your wife and the supposed “goddess of weakth”

    Go to your wife open up to her, consult a true man of God for proper guidance on how to get yourself free from this mystery lady who knows so much about your past and present life.

    You shouldn’t have had sex with her if not you wouldn’t have had any tie with her.

  2. Stop seeing that young girl who is only playing on your intelligence,goddess ko Mami water ni. She is only trying to get hold of you by using the trick that she is a goddess. But nawa for you and this your story, your marriage is not upto 2years and you are already cheating, biko zukwanike nna. Stop seeing her,block every relationship you have with her,so she is now wealth giver okwaya ,so what happened to God?God sent her to help you become wealthy abi,no be juju be that,so you were not informed in the voice of mama wa aka Patience Jonathan. Peace


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