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Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL)


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I have a collection of quotable Quotes, strictly redpill knowledge,which I don’t claim ownership to,just decided to share them,could help someone out there.

As long as I live and nairaland lives,the thread lives on !
So,relax and enjoy 

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For beginners, genuinely willing to start these journey of delving deep into woman nature, and understand how they are innately programmed and hardwired, I have decided to compile a list on books I found helpful when I started my journey and strongly believe it will be of great help to you or anyone out there genuinely ready to learn the bitter truth of the woman nature, make peace with them and stop seeing women for who they are not.
Read them, rinse and repeat.
And most importantly, drop everything you think you know about women before you open any of the books because they’re likely an illusion, and be willing to be open minded about the harsh reality of the human nature as you flip through the books that has been staring you in the face ,but you’re took blind to see them.
Enjoy !
— The Rational Male
— The Rational Male [ preventive medicine ]
— The Rational Male [ positive masculinity ]
— The manipulated Man
— No more Mr nice guy
— The myth of male power

— The book of pook
— The war against boys
— The predatory female
— The feminist lie etc

I found these books as basis on these journey,so start from them. Of course ,there are more out there,maybe others in the journey could help with more.

You can download them from www.pdfdrive.com and by generally Google searching about them.
For now ,take care and do have a wonderful day.

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