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My Husband Slapped Me For Asking Him To Wash Plates


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My Husband Slapped Me For Asking Him To Wash Plates


A mother of two who pleaded anonymity has taken to social media to ask members of the public whether it was wrong to ask her husband to do the dishes.
According to her, her husband lost his business to scam and she has been the one catering for the family with the little she earns from her restaurant business.
She said: “Truly, My husband was the one who opened the restaurant for me, I cook very well and I still do my cooking by myself as I only direct my staffs on what to do.My husband lost his business to scam and since then it’s been me carrying the responsibilities, most of my staffs left because I could not pay them and at some point, all of them left and I had to do everything by myself.

“My husband is doing nothing yet, he just sits at home and maybe go pick the kids from school and all, so yesterday I had lots of customers in the shop, I was doing everything by myself, so as soon as my husband walked in, I asked him to help me rush to wash a few plates while I serve, and he looked at me in some strange way, I repeated myself and he slapped me in public, and walked out.

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“I ignored the embarrassment and even most of my customers left, when I got home I noticed that he moved his things, I called his phone and he said he is in his friends place till he gets a job he will come home, that I should take care of the kids.

“He cut the call I tried to call and the next he blocked me.

“What did I do wrong, who is supposed to be upset? I just need to clear my conscience.”

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  1. Madam you have been giving your husband a kind of bad attitude before now all because he lost his job,it can happen to anyone okay. I understand the feeling of being the only one taking care of everything in the house but at the same you made a mistake by asking him to do the dishes,since your staff members left,have you not been doing everything yourself? If your husband hadn’t come to your restaurant wouldn’t you have done the dishes yourself? How can you say that your husband should wash plates in public? Is he your house boy? You better take your time madam,afterall he opened the business for you. If you feel the work in your restaurant is hectic, please get somebody to assist you even if it means giving the person food everyday. Respect your husband and make him come home oooo,udo.

  2. Couples can work together to make life work.

    I don’t see anything wrong with him helping with the dishes if your hands where full and you had no help however I think the whole situation has had its toil on you and gradually made you loose some respect for him. The tone in which you asked caused him to help probably caused him to react the way he did which in itself is very wrong. No one should slap anyone.

    It’s a passing phase, I know it’s not easy but challenging times should not break us, please forgive, know God sees you can bear all these, ask your husband’s forgiveness for any rude attitude.

    When he comes around, after things are calm, let him see you respect and believe in him, praise him for picking the children up, communicate politely where you need help etc , pray together and think together if he allows it on what can be done to change his current state.

    All the best

  3. To be honest with u ma ur hubby is been frustrated ,do u know how a man feel when he lose his job,a man job is one of his priority ! I feel there has not been total agreement between u guys that he will be giving u a helping hand in ur shop,u guys has not discussed abt d issues b4, and I also think d expression of the way u said it to him got him angry by slapping u, is facing a lot Of pressure Because of d job he lost,I total disagree with d slapping thin but pls don’t take it personal just take it has a way of him be frustrated! Try to reach out to him by visiting d place on weekends to settle the issues, he needs u more during this period his facing difficulties encourage him in a way his soul n body will be down….

  4. Always paying a victim card. A man will take care of his family for years without any complain but let a woman do that for a week the entire world will hear it. I opened the business for you and you have been running this same business without him. Suddenly he lost his job and visited your work place that when you realized you had lots of customers and he should go and do the dishes.


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