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Loving dad uses beard to create adorable bonding routine with baby son


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This dad uses his facial hair to bond with his son, and it’s the most wholesome thing you’ll see today.

TikTok dad @beleafinfatherhood got over 300,000 views for his adorable clip. The video, which shows the filmer using his beard to playfully scratch his son’s face, melted the hearts of thousands of viewers, who showed their love in the comment section.



Everyone has their own way to connect. 🥰 #meditate

♬ morgen meditation – guidet meditation – Lisbett Wedendahl / LIFT YOUR MIND

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With a peaceful instrumental playing in the background, the dad provides a calming narration as the clip plays.

“This right here is Uzi. Sometimes his face gets itchy,” says the dad, as Uzi rubs his face over dad’s beard. “And dad’s beard is a place of relief.”

“Once upon a time I felt there was a right way for a father to bond with a child,” continues the dad. “Now I know it doesn’t matter how everyone else does it.”

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“This is my way,” said the bearded dad, as Uzi continued to scratch his stresses away. “And as long as he’s good, that’s all that matters.”

‘I’m not crying, you are…’

Unsurprisingly, the heartwarming clip led to some major support in the comment section.

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“Talk about a visual representation of parental love. This is beautiful,” said one user.

“This is the most humble, cutest interaction between father and son that I have ever seen. I can’t wait to see my husband interacting with our little one,” said an expecting TikTok parent.

Other users commented on how the sweet video opened up the waterworks.

“Listen, it’s 7am sir… I didn’t sign up to cry and [miss] my grandfather like this… I used to do with his stubble,” wrote a TikTok user who hopefully had a box of tissues nearby.

The clip proves that there’s no “right” way for a parent to bond with a child. But if you plan on using your beard to give your baby scratches, you probably want to keep that facial hair as fresh as possible!


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