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The Man My Wife Made Me Believe Is Her Uncle Is Nothing But A Scam -Pls Advise


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The Man My Wife Made Me Believe Is Her Uncle Is Nothing But A Scam -Pls Advise

My wife is an Accountant and a very good one at that. We met six years ago at ICAN conference. She was one of the speakers at the conference. I was intrigued that someone young was among the speakers because ICAN conference organizers are usually older people. I introduced myself and told her I was  fan of her speech, etc.

We connected through out the conference. She was the Chief accountant in a big IT company. Apparently, she is also a very brilliant one who has won several awards. The company is also international and her her paternal Uncle is the MD. I was also surprised she was single but she said work prevented her from having a social life. I took every opportunity to shoot my shot.

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The last day of the conference, we spent the night together and that was when I feel in love. Of course, I pursued her when we got back to Lagos and before long, she too was into me. During our dating period, I found out that she was her Uncle’s right hand person in the company. He takes her almost as his deputy cos she is in charge of financial secrets of the company.

Then, she spends time a lot in many meetings, many times travelling and all that corporate stuff. Infact, when she introduced me to her Uncle, he didn’t like me cos he was suspicious that I may be getting close to her cos of money. But I worked hard to impress her and him. I proposed to her a year later and even took permission from the Uncle out of respect before doing that.

Well, my wife then already had a house in Lekki but for our wedding, he gave her another house in VGC. He gave me a range rover and also sponsored our wedding in SA. Our wedding had many dignitaries in attendance. Well, my first hint at trouble was at the wedding, the wedding Chairman who is also a top executive at the company made a joke but we all laughed because we thought it was an inside corporate joke.

This man said: well, Mr. Chris, welcome to the family, we are happy to share our Finance wife with you, she belongs to all of us and so, welcome. Everyone laughed. But after getting married, my wife travelled to France for two weeks with her boss and his PA. That became our life which was no surprise cos I was already used to it during dating. Every month or every other month, she would travel and be out of town for a minimum of one week.

My wife got pregnant six months after and I was so happy. I pleaded with her to slow down on the job so she would not put too much pressure on the pregnancy. She agreed. And she was on bedrest by the 8th month of her pregnancy. My wife gave birth to our beautiful daughter and went back to work in a month. I didn’t mind, I was more at home cos my job does not really require working late so I was more of the one around with our baby with our nanny.

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Unfortunately, the nanny quit so suddenly and we had to find another nanny. We were desperate. My wife mentioned it to her Uncle and his wife loaned us one of her domestic staff. The domestic staff was really helpful but all of a sudden, this woman started to make passes at me. Soon as my wife went to work ,she would wear seductive wears and start ogling at me. I was surprised at her boldness, she didnt even fear she would get sacked if my wife found out.

Just in a week of her coming and I wanted to ask my wife to send her away but I decided to talk to her first. The next time she tried to throw herself at me, I asked her to sit down and lets talk. I asked her why she was throwing her job away by trying to seduce me. She laughed and said I am a fool. That she is doing her job. That my wife’s Uncle brought her to ruin our marriage the way my wife ruined hers.

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Ha…I was alarmed, I asked her what she meant and she told me that my wife and her Uncle are lovers and the Uncle’s wife is very aware but she keeps quiet because when she tried to fight it, the Uncle sent her packing. That my wife and her Uncle has been lovers for over 10 years. I thought this woman was evil and I became scared. I asked her if I can confirm what she told me from her madam, she said no…that her madam will not get involved for fear of her husband finding out.

Truth…I began to shiver and I did not know what to do. That was the beginning of our issues. I tried to ask my wife but I had no proof so I just told her that I heard a rumor about she and her uncle and she said, well, that rumor is old and its not true. Since then, everything my wife does, I keep suspecting her. Her travels, I suspect. My mind is no longer at rest.

And back at home, this woman that has been planted to ruin my marriage has not allowed me to rest. And then she would take advantage of the quarrels between me and my wife, cos we we quarrel, we are not sleeping together, this woman would bring her breast in my face, touching my manhood. Naturally, I began to yield to her. Since my wife did not want to address the suspicions I had of her and her Uncle, I decided to cool off with this woman in our house.

Later my wife began to notice the insolence of this woman and started taking of sending her away. I refused because I wanted her to be jealous and actually confront the cheating allegations. I didn’t know that made my wife install CCTV cameras in our house and caught me and this woman having s8x. I was really scared when my wife showed me the video and threw away this woman from our house.

My wife became all lovey dovey and promised to cut down on work so we can work on our marriage. I told her ok but I didn’t tell her this woman was planted by her Uncle’s wife. Later, this woman sent me a video that her madam gave her to show me and it was a s8x tape of my wife and the Uncle. My whole world shattered. I showed my wife the video. Now, I have proof. She looked at me and said its not her in the video that it was a doctored video.

Now, I am sick of my wife. She is a liar and a cheat. She looks at a raw video evidence and denies?? Clearly she does not want to admit she is her Uncle’s lover. And clearly, she does not want to end things with him cos I told her, she needs to resign and she categorically told me, no. Now, even though I love my wife and my daughter, I do not think this marriage will work cos if my wife can deny she is the one in the video, then, I don’t know what else I can do.

My wife is playing dumb. I have tried to tell her that its ok if she was doing her Uncle all these years but if our marriage were to work, then she must quit and she says I am talking bullshit. I spoke to her sister who lives abroad and she spoke to her and she still denying saying people are after the Uncle and will go to any length to try to destroy him by getting to her. My wife makes a strong case that its all a set up.

So, she believes that I am being deceived so that our marriage can be attacked and she leaves her job and her Uncle would loose his most trusted partner in the company. I tried to investigate a little by asking some of her colleagues. No body wants to say anything. Only one lady said she has heard the rumors but she has not seen them.

So, right now, I feel I have no option than to file for a divorce. This decision is very painful. I wish there was another way out but I don’t know what else to do. I have spoken to my family and they are upset but my elder brother said I should calm down a bit and wait for an actual opportunity to catch my wife in the act before I take my decision. So, with how smart my wife is, how and when will I be able to really catch her? I wish I can show the video to you people but right now, its not possible cos its a risk but hear me out and please advise me.




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  1. First you cheated on her and she has a very strong evidence which you admitted and she never file for divorce. Calm down man believe and continue with your marriage guy

  2. You said your wife wants you both to work out things.. please calm down because you both are guilty of same sin… work on your marriage and I believe everything will be fine.

  3. Your wife is so smart and intelligent,she knows how to find her way around some certain things. If you ask her to resign, that will not stop her from seeing her uncle (man friend). It is obvious she is the one handling 90% of responsibilities in the house and that’s why your legs are shaking,you don’t know what to do or how to go about it. Anyways you have to review your marriage, divorce is not an option, she has to know your mind this minute,you need to tell her that all the rubbish she has been doing even before you met her has to stop right now,she needs to realise that this is marriage and it should be honoured and be sacred. If it is possible to get those she listens to,I think it is better. Your wife is so greedy,with all she has gotten from the man yet she still wants to get more and this man in question has a wife and family, she needs to be considerate and leave the man alone.
    And for you, mind yourself, stop taking advantage of what your wife is doing and start sleeping around with one random girl all because she was sent to your house, you said she seduced you or you were interested in entering the federal government. Guide your marriage jealously, don’t allow any uncle put asunder. It is well with you,amen.


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