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How do i get my boyfriend to trust me? He has the spirit of jealousy in him

How do i get my boyfriend to trust me? He has the spirit of jealousy in him


Pls post for me and hide my I’d, sorry for the disturbance

Pls house, what can I do to prove to a man how faithful I am to him, I have tried my best to prove him that, I don’t give people my number I don’t allow anyone Male to call me only my family member I belly go out,but he is so jealous to the extent that he doesn’t even want any man call me on phone, he is so caring infant i gave him hundred percent in caring and loving, he knows what I want even without me telling him and he provides everything for me.

I have never love in my life but when I met him I fall for him, am a girl that doesn’t know how to cheat, even when I dated those that I don’t love I don’t cheat on them I only leave if I try to love them and it couldn’t work for me, but this my guy is just breaking my heart by not believing my faithful to him, always telling he held am dating a guy,or am doing video calls or am someone stop me and was asking me out he will just come up with one story or the other that he held about me when I don’t even know anything about it, am confused and he is breaking heart and he is reducing the love I have for him because am a girl that doesn’t like when they are accusing me what I don’t do, pls tell me what I can do about it pls

Note he doesn’t shout on me,he doesn’t argue with me he doesn’t beat me, but anytime he have those things budring him his attitude will change he and if I ask him what is wrong he will reply nothing until I false him before he will talk,
Sorry for the long write up
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  1. My dear sister he’s a good thing for a man to be jealous but if that is giving you fear or doubt please do have a rethink. The truth is wether in a relationship or not you will keep meeting people but male and female… Trust is a necessity and this that you just posted here it’s a kind of a red flag. You won’t be able to cope ooo

  2. This is an obvious red flag to walk away while you can that is not love the guy is narcissistic and highly emotionally manipulative its ok to be jealous but to that extent nah… I just don’t understand how people stay in relationships it is well

  3. What I have to say is that….
    Firstly, you should start by getting your spellings correctly like force in place of false, barely instead of belly, etc

    Secondly, he just your boyfriend and he is giving so many demands that you wouldn’t interact with the opposite sex, even in marriage, there is freedom of association to a great extent how much more boyfriend and girlfriend.
    If you think he suffocating you of which from my point of reading he is, call it off.

    Lastly, stop explaining yourself all the time to him. Whatever that gives you joy pls do it.

  4. When a man loves you, he will not have any cause to doubt you no matter what. Your boyfriend has trust issues,he needs to work on himself, he needs to learn to love and care for himself before he can love ,trust and care for any person.
    You also have to be careful,there is no smoke without fire,you must have had one deal or the other and he caught you doing it and that’s why he is finding it difficult to trust you even though you claim he loves and cares for you. If you feel you are fed up,biko face your front and keep yourself busy. No time to start staying in a toxic relationship where you have to prove your innocence over and over again on top wetin na. Peace be unto you my sister


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