HomeAdviceOrdinary Facebook comment is about to destroy my marriage.

Ordinary Facebook comment is about to destroy my marriage.


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Ordinary Facebook comment is about to destroy my marriage.


Please post for me and hide my identity.

Please my world is collapsing on me as I write this. Two months ago, a post was made whether you will still marry your present hubby in your next life. I just wrote “God forbid”. Sincerely I didn’t mean it but just wanted encourage other women who may be afraid to say their mind. Now someone screenshot the comment and sent my husband because he is not active on Facebook.

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Now my husband has chased me out of the house with our last baby who’s just 8 months. The other two kids are with him. He called my father and told him that any day he sees me around his house, he will kill me. He said he wants his bride price returned to him as he’s done with the marriage. My bothers and sisters I have been begging this man since last month to forgive me that I never meant what I commented. I know my husband has his short comings but I can’t afford to loose him to another woman after 3kids for him.

Please you all should join mouth and help me beg Mr Kingsley to kindly forgive me the mother of his kids. I know he will see the post cos his relatives are here. Ordinary Facebook comment is about to destroy my marriage.
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  1. That was really harsh. But all the same, keep praying and apologizing . ‘The heart of a kind in the hands of the Lord…’

  2. Eeeeeyah, he should kindly understand. There’s no prayers cannot solve, be telling God to soften his heart and see d comment as a mere joke.

    Wait o, why is he overreacting? That means he’s not really a good husband, if not he wouldn’t have chased u out of d house, though d comment is somehow but it’s not enough reason to send u out and demand for return of bride price na.

    It’s well dear

  3. Serves you right. This is how people go about deceiving others on social media. Hope he forgives you so that next time you will be careful with words.

  4. Chai…..but your comment shaaa, keep apologizing…also talk to people he respects and listen to for them to also help but never cease in praying cos it works miracles.

  5. Let’s look at it from a broad perspective. The comment wasn’t just ordinary as you claimed. What if reverse was the case? how would you feel? Do you know how painful that comment is? You even tagged it as *”Ordinary Facebook comment?”*

    You even added that *you wanted to encourage other women who may be afraid to say their mind!* and *”God forbid”???*

    If you don’t mean what you said, why would you take panadol extra for someone headache in the name of motivation.

    If you love your husband from your heart and wish to marry him/her in your next life, believe you me you can never joke with that inflammatory words. Even the devil and his entourage will not give you the courage to say it out because he knows the consequences.

    Lemme borrow your language. See how you used your fingers and keypads to dismantled your marriage by answering *”Ordinary Facebook comment “*

    When we tell you guys to getoff social media, una no go hear!

    May God fix your marriage.

  6. I will do same if I were ur husband hw can you say u are encouraging other women that’s very bad of u, u are not d to tell other women to leave thire marriage if they are not happy, madam just move on let ur story b leason to other


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