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Rumer Willis defends sexy photo shoot: ‘This picture made me feel really beautiful’


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Rumer Willis had the chillest response when an Instagram follower criticized her sexy photo shoot: “That’s cool.”

This week, the 32-year-old singer and actress shared a pic from a photo shoot in which she appears topless, with her hands covering her breasts. But a follower wrote, “Deleting you all … seriously, Insta isn’t for a constant stream of naked pics by you and your sisters. Get a damn job.” Rumer, the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, has two siblings, Scout Willis, 29, and Tallulah Willis, 27.

Unbothered, Rumer wrote back, “That’s cool. If you don’t like, you can simply unfollow. This picture made me feel really beautiful and made me happy and considering what your bio says, I would think that you would have a little bit more understanding for just allowing someone to post what they like on their page.”

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She added, “But nevertheless, sending you love and light.”

Another follower wrote, “Still confused as to why people post nude photos on social media. Why? Guess Instagram is the new Playboy. This generation of kids are so confused.”

Rumer replied, “I appreciate that is your perspective but that is not at all why I do it, and I learned a long time ago not to place values on other people’s opinions, good or bad, about what I look like or I do, specifically because there is so much negativity.”

Rumer Willis defends sexy photo shoot: 'This picture made me feel really beautiful'

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Yes! In the past, Rumer has dealt with insulting comments when she expressed her sensuality. In October, when appearing on The Talkshe reflected on a bondage-themed shoot with photographer Tyler Shields in which she wore a leather bodysuit and thigh-high boots. “Call me Madam…” Rumer captioned the images, which represented societal rules about female autonomy.

“There was a part of me that just was feeling really empowered and good about myself and I wanted to share it,” she explained on the episode. “I knew that it would probably bring up a lot of comments, but I was not at all prepared for the amount of negativity. It was really harsh.”

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Rumer added, “People saying you should be ashamed of yourself and this is disgusting. Even people talking about how bondage is harmful for trauma survivors. But then there’s women who also said, ‘I am actually a trauma survivor and I do bondage and it’s helped me reclaim my sexuality.'”

But did Moore, 58, and Bruce 66, see the photos? “Thankfully my dad does not have Instagram,” Rumer said. “They’re both kind of not the most tech-savvy. My mom can do Etsy very well but not so much Instagram.”

“But I think they’ve always been very supportive of all my sisters and I, just kind of exploring everything,” she said. “Especially because we are a household of so many women. Why not celebrate it?”


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