HomeAdviceHow do I move on from developing bad emotions towards my sister

How do I move on from developing bad emotions towards my sister


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How do I move on from developing bad emotions towards my sister


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When I dated my husband, absolutely no one supported me especially my eldest sister who even vowed that if I go on to marry him I will not have her support and my children will be bad influence to her kids due to the fact that I am married to someone from a different church denomination and there is so much conflict in our home and she won’t appreciate her household to be polluted by hithens.

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FYI My husband is a Christian but attends a different church from the one my family attends! She has dated people and only sticks to those in the same church as hers – otherwise they are considered unequally yoked. She is still single and recently met someone whom she thinks is marriage material. I think all the past memories of all the words she once told me came straight back as she likes talking about her dating life,expecting me to listen, I never had that opportunity with her. She was cruel towards my dating life to a point that I became clinically depressed and sooo unhappy while courting a wonderful guy,now my husband.

She even made those around me know I was in a wrong relationship, lost sheep and growing further from God, if they endorse it, they are going against God’s plan. Therefore I never talked to anyone about my dating life, the enjoys, confusions and even announce my engagement to my family first hand, and it eats me now that I never enjoyed these moments – yet she says a lot about hers and I have offered advice and emotional support when needed! How do I move on from developing bad emotions towards her right now, I don’t want to be spiteful at all, am going to accept whoever she chooses because I know fully well how it feels when someone rejects, disrespects your relationship and how words, actions can hurt no matter how long ago they were said. I tried to talk to her at one point how it made me feel and she became absolutely defensive and said she won’t take her words back and there is nothing she can do about it because part of what she said was true… What is the best piece of advice you can give please. I am trying not to think of the past and praying for God’s peace.

Let me be crystal clear, I am married! I followed my heart and married my husband despite the lack of support from my sister during dating stage. My sister is the one not yet married but is in a relationship with a guy from her church yet she needs support from me,something she never did for me.


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  1. Do people still have this kind of mentality? Please don’t pay her back just like she has done, please support her,she is still your sister.


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