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How My Wife Abandoned Me After All I Did For My Her-Please Advise


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How My Wife Abandoned Me After All I Did For My Her-Please Advise

I was married for five years before I parted ways with my wife. She actually just up and left. There had been suspicions on my part about her lifestyle but her sudden move merely confirmed them.

My wife was introduced to me by a fellow that worked in the same building my company was. She came around regularly to sell things. I thought she was a hard working girl taking care of herself but I never knew she was just looking for an opportunity to marry a rich man. We dated for few months before we got married.

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After marriage I expected that she would want to expand her business and do other things with the leverage I was giving her. Instead she proved lazy and nonchalant. She stopped her business and demanded everything from me. I didn’t like that, not because I didn’t have the funds but I really appreciated hard working individuals. I needed to be sure my children would be comfortable in event of my death.

After our first child was born, I began to invest in other businesses. As I invested I began to need extra hands so I could focus on one. I then encouraged my wife to take care of my supermarket but within a year it went down and I was forced to close it. I even involved her brother but he kept pilfering from me so I decided to hire strangers to help run my businesses.

Things picked up after I hired new staff. My wife began to harass my staff whenever she wanted. She would go there to disturb them. They complained about abuses they got from her and one or two left because of that. I warned her several times and threatened to cut her allowances but she insulted me in the presence of my staff.

It made me lose interest in her but for the sake of our child I made up my mind to stay in the marriage. Whenever I sent her money to do something, I would find out later that she had inflated the price. This went on for some time and I was forced to cut her allowances. She then began to disappear for hours with no reasonable explanations. I suspected she had a lover and told her so.

Rather than deny, she told me I was not a man and also began to starve me of s8x. I brought in the family to help resolve the issue but her brothers insulted me. It began to affect me and I actually began to think of divorce but she beat me to it. She left the house about three months before our fifth wedding anniversary. It’s been almost two years now and no word from her. She went with my child and all efforts to get her has proved abortive. I’m using the police now just for the sake of finding my child.

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The marriage is over but I need to know my child is fine and in good hands. Hopefully with the help of the police I will be able to track her.


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Editor’s note:

The Purpose of this story is for discussion and learning. The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this story are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred. 

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How My Wife Abandoned Me After All I Did For My Her-Please Advise
Sandra Udosen
Sandra is a legal practitioner and business consultant who enjoys writing and telling stories She lives in Lagos with her family


  1. So sorry for all you have gone through in the hands of your wife, it is well. Just be calm ,you will find your child but meanwhile make sure you are more careful this time around when making a choice of whom to marry. Some women can pretend for Africa,they are wolves in sheep clothing. Just take care of yourself for now abeg

  2. Good husband that someone else is praying for. Everything will be okay. Just be careful because she will definitely come back when outside is no more rosy.

  3. This life no balance at all.
    So sorry for this sir, just be patient and prayerful, you’ll surely get to see her someday and you’ll meet your child, meanwhile do not accept her back cos I know she’ll start begging and involved d while world to help plead on her behalf. It’s well with u sir


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