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I Want To Send My Wife Packing


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I Want To Send My Wife Packing


This is too much for me. I have had enough. I got married to my wife last year October 2020. I did both traditional wedding and white wedding, spent a million plus. I work with ministry of health.

My wife has been insisting that I disclose my salary to her from day 1 but I never, I just told her that am earning 100+. Before I met my wife, she already learn Fashion designing. Then while was rushing around, preparing for wedding, she was pestering me to open shop for her. I specifically told her that d money I have now is Solly for wedding and traditional rite, which cost me fortune.

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Then after much pressure, her people contributed money and paid for d shop (Remember I have paid her bride price then). I have swallowed red pill. How can I open shop for a girl I have not finished marrying. Then when she opened d shop, I equally supporting her with other things like buying protector and chairs. Every day she is going to shop, I drop pocket of 1k. Some times she asks me money to buy tailor materials which I give.

Now within a space of 7 months my wife now has 14 apprentices. She collected like 30k from them. Then all the money she made in her shop, she put all in her account, she doesn’t contribute anything at home. Infact decided not to apply for ATM card. Some time, I may go to. ATM to get money and d tell me no network, if I come to my wife to ask her for ordinary 1k, she will say she doesn’t have it. I never asked her to help in our home finances before, and I don’t really care about her money.

But now found out through her Facebook chat that she sent her male school friends 7k. She hid it from me, she said d guy needed d money to treat her father in d hospital. I was shock. Cos my wife always complained she does not have money. Now she is complaining that I don’t support her in her shop. That she can do whatever she wants with her money.

This morning, she was raising her voice to the hearing our flat neighbors, that am a useless husband, I feel insulted. Am embarrassed. That I don’t support her. She said her shop rent has expired that I should give her d money but she have enough money in her account to pay it. While is asking me. Am d one that pays for house rent, I buy food stuff, I give her transport every day.

I have had enough. I will call her mum to come over and carry her daughter. I can never beat her. The last night I shouted at her she fainted not to talk of beating.

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  1. I think financial compatibility is now one of the major problems in marriage after cheating.

    Marriage is not a football match you play for halftime and retire, or you get a small injury and decide to walk out because you feel you are the chief captain. It is forever course and the moment you realize this, the better for you.

    Marriage is all about helping each other in carrying out responsibilities, it is a joint venture. Two have to agree to walk the race and equally grow together.

    As of now try as much as possible to sit her down and iron things out together or speak with someone your wife respect so much and lay your grievances and complain to him so he can talk some sense to her.

    To think your marriage is not up to a year is quite disheartening too.
    Build your beautiful marriage, Sir.

    Good luck.


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