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My Relationship Is About Crashing


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My Relationship Is About Crashing


Good evening family. I am a young of 28yrs old and a final year student of one of the prestigious university in Nigeria.

A few month back, I met this lady who happens to be a student of this same university. At first we started as friends and during this friendship, I discovered that she has a boyfriend but the relationship wasn’t that ok. During our friendship, she told me that, it was this guy that breaks the padlock (u know what I mean). At the long run the guy broke up with her due to mistrust,insecurity and mistreatment. During this period of our friendship, I developed feelings for her cus of her trained personality and religious upbringing. As a very sharp guy, i took my opportunity and talk to her, she agreed and we started dating officially. The relationship was very smooth and we mingled also( Hope u understand).

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Suddenly, this same ex of hers calls her and begins to apologise. She agree to his pleas without considering my feelings..To cut it short, they started dating back.

Few days later, she came back and started apologising to me saying that she loves me, she feels free whenever she is with me and that I always makes her to concentrate more on the things of God and mostly the qualities she wants in a man that she finds it in me…

But anytime this guy talk to her and beg her, she will agree and go back to him…

Funny enough I’ve come to love her deeply. Am really confused and I need ur advise on what to do.


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  1. For now keep your relationship as friends because this girl is confused. Give her time to decided who see wants, don’t rush into any commitment with her. In relationships, people break up and make up but you just went ahead to start a relationship with someone that just broke up with her boyfriend.
    She has not fully forgotten her ex, so let her be

  2. I don’t know why most girls like bad boys for dating.

    Just turn her to be your friend and accept her relationship advancement every time she runs coming back to you slowly pull out your emotions you have with her, that way it wont hurt much.

    Get yourself a new girlfriend and move on don’t let her be using you as back up cover. You deserve better more than a backup.

    Good luck.


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