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50 Cent supports Vivica A. Fox, not ‘bothered’ by ‘love of my life’ comment


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The rapper pretty much agreed with his former lover’s assessment of their short-lived relationship

In a new interview, 50 Cent supports Vivica A. Fox, saying he is “not bothered” by the actress calling him “the love of her life” earlier this week.

As theGrio previously reported, Fox opened up this week on her past relationship with 50 Cent, going so far as to call the rapper “the love of her life.”

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Speaking with Vlad TV, she shared, “The main thing that killed the relationship is that we just went way too public way too fast. The love that I had for him and still to this day…will always like…he was the love of my life, I will admit that without any reservations.”

50 Cent provided his own perspective on their relationship this week.

In an interview with Kris Kaylin, the rapper expressed how he really feels about his ex calling him “the love of her life.”

“I’m never bothered by when she says that…If you say—just the timing, at the time that we actually interacted with each other it was, we weren’t conscious of everything else that was going on.”

He continued, “She’ll always say if you listen to her, she’ll say, ‘I would’ve been private, ’cause when it got so uncomfortable with everybody else—when you get pushed and pulled in different directions without it being even her decision. Her publicist is saying do this. This person [is saying] do this. And you go, alright, this is not the right…you know.”

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She told Vlad, “The reason why the relationship ended was because we just went public way too fast, had way too many people in our business. If I was to have a chance to do it over, it would be that we stayed private a lot longer, but we got too many people in our business and you know, that’s what killed the relationship, unfortunately.”

50 Cent is currently dating Cuban Link, who, as theGrio reported, responded to Fox’s statement via The Shade Room.

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Underneath a repost of the interview on the site, Cuban Link commented, “.. aww” with violet and heart face emojis.

Fox seemed to have caught this comment, because the actress used her Instagram Stories to clear up any miscommunication.

She wrote in the post, “Well! This is getting good cause I tried to post 3 times on @ShadeRoom…Now, @_Cuban_Link, what that clip didn’t show was that I said he now has a hawt girlfriend & I’m happy 4 him! So stay in ya bag, boo, don’t get nervous! I’m good!” along with some winking emojis.


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