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My husband still insists that I should change my properties name to his name since we are married


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My husband still insists that I should change my properties name to his name since we are married


If you were in my shoes, what would you do?

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My husband still insists that I should change my properties name to his name since we are married.
I happen to be the only child of my parents and my parents are strikingly rich. My father is now old, he’s 75 years old while I’m 42. He called his lawyer when he was 60 years old and that was when I haven’t married and change all his properties to my name.
He has 4 companies, 7 estates, a comprehensive school and some acres of land all now belong to me.

I’ve been managing my father’s company effectively. I have my own work and I do not allow my own money to mingle with the profit I earn from my father’s properties I still give account to my father every end of the month on how things are going. Even though they all belong to me but still I make sure I watch over everything. Now, my husband has been over the issue of changing of name since two years ago. Is changing of name even necessary?

I talked to one of my friends, she said I should go and change the name. But in as much as I change the name, the authority over the properties will now be divided, it will now be between me and my husband and to me there wouldn’t be enough concentration. I need my husband to understand but he’s not. What if my father doesn’t have properties, won’t we survive? I told my parents, they too do not actually like the idea but they told me to do what seems best to me.
I told my husband to let us change half of the properties to our name, or use Mr and Mrs, he said no, it has to be Mr only, he said do I have trust issues with him? Sir, but this person is my father. Can’t I decide on my own on how to manage my father’s properties?

I don’t understand again and I wouldn’t want to disobey my husband. What do you think I can do?

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  1. Is your relationship based on the properties. Tell him that you would manage the properties and that’s final decision. Don’t even bring compromise of it should be joint ownership. Let him know your father entrusted it to you. And it’s your responsibility. Nothing can sway that decision

  2. This one that ur husband is particular about changing the name to Mr only is making me very suspicious and as such I will advice if ever u want to change the name pls let it be Mr and Mrs.Thanks

  3. My friend, please and please, don’t make the mistake of even changing the name to both of you. Leave it in your name. Except you were desperate to get married and wants to remain so.

  4. PLEASE and PLEASE, (emphasis on the please) do not change the property name to his, I beg you in whatever you believe in. This mistake/ actions has caused a lot of women pain, depression and regrets.

    If he doesn’t want to relent and want to blackmail you by leaving/divorcing you, then gladly give him the divorce.

    Makes me think he oncly married you out of your money and because you are an only child.

    If you haven’t given birth or have children start by writing your Will now, that man is up to no good. Believe me. I pray you don’t give in to his wicked demands.

  5. Ma’am,don’t think of changing the name of the properties to your husband name not even Mr and Mrs. I think your husband is after your fathers properties who knows probably that was why he got married to you in the first instance

  6. I wish the poster is on this platform.

    Well, your case is similar to that of my wife.

    My wife was raised by a single mother, after both parents have misunderstandings and divorced.

    After many years, both parents are now deaths. My mother in-law was a chief nursing officer before her death.

    She was wealthy and acquired houses, landed properties, mobilities and even truckloads of cattle.

    Before my mother in-law’s death, she shared all the properties to her 3 children. My wife being the senior, she got the lion’s share.

    But do you know that till date those properties still carried her name cos I have never mind about those properties but I know they belong to us and our child and the unborn. But I’m still the one running and taken care of all the properties cos I’m the custodian.

    Hear me ma, your husband have another motives don’t be surprised he married you because of the wealth if not, why can’t he suggest your child(ren) name??

    Do not allow it to happen no matter how much you love him. Sit him down and tell him in a meaningful and respectful way that the documents should carry your children names instead of him. But it should be in his care even at that, keenly watch him.

    Thank you.

  7. Dear sis, these are YOUR father’s properties. It is yours now and therefore these type of decisions are yours to make, not your husband’s. If it were your husband’s father, would he add your name as co-owner of the property? Or is it because you’re a “woman?”
    If at anytime you decide to change name in any of the property documents, please use MR and Mrs. Do not use your husband’s name only! Please! And don’t change names on all the properties. You and add him as a co-owner on some of them; like the lesser ones but you hold on to the bigger ones.
    The fact that he’s insisting on this so much is very concerning, because that shouldn’t be an issue in the first place. You’re both a team now, and the profit from any of these would be used to better the lives of both of you especially your children.
    Please be extra careful, watchful and prayerful. For your own sake and the sake of your children. Seek the advice of a lawyer about the consequences of such actions, put your emotions together and think with your head instead. Hold your ground irrespective of any fuss your husband makes at the end of the day.

  8. I see people saying Mr and Mrs…but that’s not the only thing. My lawyer friend told me that in the court of law, there’s nothing like Mr and Mrs. Any woman can bear Mrs if she is married to your husband.

    Use your name in place of “Mrs”. E.g Instead of Mr and Mrs Moses Akom, use Mr Moses and Mrs Agatha Akom. That way when you go to court, you will be recognized.

  9. Never do it
    Your father is still alive for that matter why would you want to give his hard earned properties and wealth to a stranger

  10. Don’t even think about it at all. Ask him if the table were turned would he have done the same. There’s more to this than meets the eyes. I repeat, don’t change the name on the properties, you can only do that when you’re well stricken in age and that will be to your children’s name.

    Your story is similar to one of the stories I heard , where the man insisted they buy property in the name of their unborn children but unknown to the woman the man has a woman and children outside the marriage with the name he suggested should be on the properties bought( mind you the legal wife is wealthy and has no child for him yet). Now , the man is late and woman outside and the children wants the property.
    My dear, no try am o. Let the properties remain in your name o . I use God beg u

  11. Madam you have to disobey your husband in this situation? He married you for your father’s properties. Never in your life change those properties you acquired or given to you before marriage. The ones you acquire by yourself during marriage can be in the name of Mr and Mrs. I want to believe that your husband and your friend want to defraud you.

  12. Please ma dont try it oooo instead let it be in your father name then atleast any thing that happened to him.. i meant your dad it will still be your… that man has other children and wife aside from you… please be very care..

  13. Your husband is on the mission. If its really love, he will not care about those properties. If indeed ur have children with him, its ur children right. Ur father worked really hard to provide for u and ur children. Just don’t hand it over to someone like ur husband. After signing the documents, u will be the one saying u wished. If ur father does not like it, then make a right decision for urself

  14. Please and please never make that mistake. Your husband clearly is after your wealth and can go any length to make the whole properties his including eliminating you. Don’t ever succumb to any pressure from him please. After all your parents who originally own the properties are still very much alive.


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