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I’m a girl of 36 yrs and no serious relationship yet!


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I’m a girl of 36 yrs and no serious relationship yet!

Good morning ma’am,

please help me post this in the group, I need an advice. I’m a girl of 36 yrs and no serious relationship yet. Anytime I find a man who wants a serious relationship, our genotype would be a barrier. Now one of my ex who left me because I refused him se-x then came back and wanted us to continue with the relationship.

I willingly accepted because I don’t have anyone. After reconciling this guy cajole me to have se-x with, just upper Friday and I took in. When I told him, he asked me to get rid of the pregnancy and never disturb him again. He’s stopped picking my calls and chatting with me online. Now, what will I do, should I get ri-d of the pregnancy and let him be so that God can handle him his way or I should take it up because he is a pastor?

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I need your prayers and advise because I’m already experiencing some changes in my body. I don’t eat anymore, I live on liquid only. Please hide my I D ma’am.

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  1. What singles need to know is that when you are having unprotected sex, there are so many things to put in place or consider. Like what if I get
    * Unwanted pregnancy
    * Infection
    * Disease and so on
    My dear you are already 36years and you are no longer a girl,please you have to put pressure on that your ex who calls himself a pastor to take up responsibility, if he doesn’t, go to his church and make him see reasons why you can’t abort. You didn’t say how many months the pregnancy is but then don’t put your life at risk trying to abort the baby. I know with all the advise ,you will still end up doing what you want to do,no wahala. Peace be unto your soul

  2. The fact he is a pastor is the more reasons you should speak up.. leave what to God?Did God send you to have premarital sex? Go and report him to your family and decide the next step to take which is marriage.. best of luck..


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