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Princess Diana’s Friend Says Meghan Markle Is More Like Her Than Palace Wishes to Acknowledge


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Meghan Markle is getting some major support from one of Princess Diana’s closest friends in her final years, and it might be something the palace doesn’t want to hear. Vocal coach Stewart Pearce, who trained Diana for her public engagements, sees many similarities between the two women.

“Diana was decades ahead of her time, she changed the world with hope, empowerment, kindness, and authenticity,” Pearce told The Sun. Those qualities are something he sees in the Duchess of Sussex, who also wants to be a “female empowerment pioneer” just like her late mother-in-law. Both women set out to “speak her truth” — Diana in the Martin Bashir Panorama interview, and Meghan in the Oprah Winfrey interview.

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Pearce believes that the behind-the-scenes, royal revelations in both interviews show how little has changed within the monarchy and that the two women were doing their best to improve things at the palace, not hurt the royal family. “There is a vibrational difference, but the point is that the courage, the sensitivity that it took to come forth with those revelations was outstanding,” he said. “I felt that what Meghan was actually living through was the spirit of revelation, the spirit of transparency that Diana was trying to achieve.”

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It’s refreshing to hear from someone, who knew Diana personally, come out and support the Duchess of Sussex. The Meghan naysayers are often the noisiest headline grabbers, so the public only hears negative stories about her. If they think of Diana’s intent with the Bashir interview and see the parallels to the purpose of the Winfrey interview, the royal critics will see that the two women had a very similar purpose — and that was to make their voices heard.


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