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Should she quit the marriage or should she give the guy the benefit of doubt?


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should she quit the marriage or should she give the guy the benefit of doubt


Good morning all

Admin pls post for my friend. She is dying in depression🙏

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She was recommended to a guy for marriage by her male friend who is married… The guy is like a brother to her male friend. My friend is a graduate and as well a business woman with great potential but the supposed spouse is a business man and not educated (stopped after SSCE). The guy is matured, hard working and have already made plans for the future.

He loves her so much but she does not love the guy back as much as the guy loves her due to some certain observations which includes that the guy is not well educated, makes some grammatical errors while speaking, dark skinned, not handsome and have refused to touch her till after their wedding.

Though she love the guy due to his high sense of reasoning, understanding and prayer life but the observations gives her great concern due to her personality.
Now the issue is that their proposed marriage would take place in less than 2months to come and she is asking what to do, should she quit the marriage or should she give the guy the benefit of doubt that he would learn from her and change?

She is down in depression 💔💔

Your advice please?

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  1. In my own opinion marriage is all about ur happiness ,if u know u can find ur happiness with him y not go with him.. Life is all abt up n down u can’t find a perfect man ,but at least u can change him to ur taste ,talk to him u can also teach him all those quality u what in him. When he start dressing well n package himself ,with time he will definitely look handsome ..

  2. Abeg bikonu na who English help for marriage? A borrowed language for that matter,if you claim you love him please start correcting him in love. Each time he makes a mistake, correct him with love with time he will blend,na before people dey use English dey brag,in my house we speak Igbo,Yoruba,broken bottle,when you guys go out you can always speak your mother tongue instead of speaking English jare,happy married life in advance. So because of English nahim make you dey depressed okwaya


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