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Today ‘s Bobbie Thomas Remembers Husband Michael Marion on First Anniversary Since His Death


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Bobbie Thomas is remembering her late husband, Michael Marion, on the couple’s anniversary — the first since his death.

On Monday, the 46-year-old Today show contributor posted a video on Instagram of the pair walking together as he struggled with health complications. “Our first anniversary without you,” she captioned the clip. “I can’t help but remember this win for us last year today.”

She concluded the caption with lyrics from Sean “Diddy” Combs and Faith Evans’ 1997 track, “I’ll Be Missing You.”

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Marion, who had a stroke in 2019, died last December at age 42. Announcing the news on Instagram at the time, Thomas urged her followers to cherish their time with loved ones.

“Nothing is normal. Maybe nothing will ever be normal again. For me, it won’t. My husband is gone,” she wrote. “With all the fear, anger, and division going on in the world right now, it’s so easy to get upset about the lack of normalcy. But I beg you, everyone reading this, hold onto what you do have right now instead of focusing on what you don’t. One thing we all have is kindness. Absorb it, extend it, exhaust it. Because in the end, the ONLY thing that matters is love.”

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The journalist continued, “If you’re lucky enough to have it, please appreciate it, every moment, every day. Especially during the hard parts. There will never be enough time and some of our forevers are much too short. As I type through tears, I embrace gratitude … holding our precious son Miles and memories, of the time I did have with Michael, closer to my broken heart.”

Today 's Bobbie Thomas Remembers Husband Michael Marion on First Anniversary Since His Death

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Thomas confirmed in a statement at the time that Marion died after suffering from “problems involving several organ systems.” His death was not related to his previous stroke or COVID-19.

“He brought so much compassion, patience, understanding and stability to my life, and taught me more about love than I could ever put to words. He was sensitive and silly, yet so stoic, and brave beyond my comprehension,” Thomas continued in her statement.

“I will be forever grateful for the time I had with him. He was so worth it. I only wish people could have been more intimately aware of how worth it he was and why I would do it all again and again without a second thought. He was a rare, devoted force of unconditional love in my life who made me feel so loved, so beautiful, and unequivocally supported.”

Today 's Bobbie Thomas Remembers Husband Michael Marion on First Anniversary Since His Death


In March, Thomas thanked fans for their support, adding that she was “hopeful for the days to come.”

“[It] doesn’t feel real, but I’ve been so lucky to have a little pause where I can take a minute and be with [our son] Miles and family and friends,” she said in an Instagram video. “The world is dealing with so much right now. There are a lot of people dealing with loss, and I feel pretty lucky that I haven’t had to resume all of my responsibilities right away.”

Thomas and Marion tied the knot in 2013 and welcomed their son Miles in 2015.



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