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My Neighbor Just Discovered Her Husband Is An Evil Man -Pls Advise


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My Neighbor Just Discovered Her Husband Is An Evil Man -Pls Advise

Good day,

My neighbor came to me crying two days ago. She is a young mother with two sets of twins. Meaning, she had a set of twins two years ago and this year, she had another set. So, at age 28, she has 4 young children under the ages of 2. But that is not the issue. The issue is that, because of the pressure of taking care of these children especially getting pregnant so close after the first set, she had to get a house help to assist.

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Now, she said when she first got the house help, she noticed the girl was misbehaving after like a few months after and she wanted to send her away but because the girl is from her village and her Aunty that brought her kept begging her that their family cannot feed if she sends her away, she left her.

Only for her to discover that the girl got pregnant. She was disgusted and beat the girl mercilessly. The girl then confessed that it was a boy in the street that is a barber apprentice that got her pregnant. Her Aunty advised her to abort the pregnancy cos the girl was 19 and the barber apprentice ran away when he found out the girl was pregnant for him.

That was last year. My neighbor said she found the stupid girl always now sleeping and getting fat recently and suspected that she was pregnant again. And after she did the test, she was indeed pregnant. That she was like, this is the last straw, she beat the girl and threw her things away and sent her packing.

The next day, her Aunty called her and told her that the girl’s pregnancy is for her husband. That even the pregnancy from last year was for her husband. That the girl lied about the barber apprentice being responsible. Now, this wicked Aunty is asking for 400k to remove the baby or the girl will give birth to the baby.

My neighbor has been crying for the past two days not knowing what to do. The husband is denying the pregnancy but the girl and the Aunty have asked them to come and swear juju or do DNA test after the baby is born. Not only the news of the pregnancy is killing my neighbor but that the fact that the husband may have been sleeping with this girl for almost a year is almost giving her a heart attack.

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This woman is inconsolable. She is wondering what to do: she wants to pay the 400k to the Aunty for the termination but she fears they may take the money and not do it and keep blackmailing her. She does not even have the money complete but the husband says he will borrow from his office by month end.

This woman says she wants to leave the marriage cos of the shame and pain the husband has caused but how will she raise four children who are still small by herself? (She is a primary school teacher who does not earn much)She is still also struggling to either believe the man is such an evil man capable of doing the things the girl said cos the man seem to be the quiet type for this kind of allegation but the girl said the husband has been raping her since the week she came to their house.

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This woman is in need of help and advise. What should she do please?


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My Neighbor Just Discovered Her Husband Is An Evil Man -Pls Advise
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  1. Who wan get belle make he get, who wan keep pregnancy make he keep, why bother yourself about another woman and a pregnancy, who says the husband will not get another lady pregnant in the future…. Pls you ppl should come and give me the 400k than waste it on someone terminating pregnancy..first deal with your husband and sort your marriage and if you decide to stay, make sure that woman, the aunty and the child never comes near you or your kids talk more of in your home…. However your husband wants to handle the child if its his, na him headache…
    Somebody wants to ruin her life you are trying to raise 400k for her and its not as if you have money Like that…Biko spend it your children or open an account for your kids with it…. So many things to do with money thus days

  2. Why do they need 400k? When has terminating pregnancy require such huge amount of money? That aunt is really a business woman, abeg keep the money oooo. You need to concentrate on how to raise your beautiful children biko,don’t know why some men will never remove their eyes from anything under skirt. So he actually raped the girl or what? Well just be happy and don’t allow anything bother you,you are to young to start bothering your head over an unreasonable man. God bless you

  3. Pls dnt give them that money. How are you sure that after giving them the 400k that they won’t come back blackmailing you. Let them sort their self and pls dnt ever leave your marriage bcos of your so called maid pregnancy.cod she is not worth you leaving your marriage ooo. Dnt allow an outsider to come between your marriage. And make sure you don’t allow your maid and her aunty to come near your house. This is planned work. Be wise woman. Dnt do something that you will later regret


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