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Help! My husband is jobless for the past 11yrs now and not bothered. The family load is killing me


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Help! My husband is jobless for the past 11yrs now and not bothered. The family load is killing me


Good day, please post for me i need advice/help on my condition.

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I got married to my husband at 21 yrs. I didn’t date any man before getting married. I Gave birth to my sons when I was 22, 23, & 38 years (3 boys).l will be 40 in few months.

My husband sponsored my tertiary education Iam a legal practitioner in active private practice for 7 years now.

I love my husband so much he is my friend, my father and my close confidant. We have been married for 18 yrs now. I don’t keep friends.

My problem is my husband is jobless for the past 11yrs now.
He is educated with masters degree but he has refused to get any job and Iam losing it.

For the past 10 yrs I have been responsible for providing everything for the family including our children’s education, rent, clothing, medical expenses, and feeding I mean everything.

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Presently, I am depressed, emotionally down my health is not stable as I am thinking so many things especially how to meet up with my 2 children school fees in the university.
I don’t earn monthly, i depend on what I get as a private legal practitioner.

I have spoken to my beloved husband for so many years now to look for any job to ensure he fulfils his obligation as a husband and father but each time I advised him he will tell me to look for job for him. I have tried approaching some person’s but no one could help me get a job for him.
Pls, I need your candid advice on how I should handle this situation I don’t what to loose my marriage.
Thank you

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  1. And you are still calling him your husband all because you love him somuch okwaya,and that’s why a full grown man with children in the university is just home doing nothing for the past 11years. Woman you are strong ooo,how have you been coping and managing? I cannot stand this nonsense,love bakwa oku there bikonu. Abeg stop feeding him,stop worrying about him because he is not bothered,he is a wicked man,no man in his right senses will sit and watch his precious wife go through this suffering for years maka why na? It is well with you nne,the Lord is your strength, muscle and power. I hail you my super hero,what a man cannot stand up on his feet to do,a woman can do better. Twale to all the responsible men working so hard to support their family,una too much,una get mouth abeg.

  2. Since you love him so much and you don’t want to loose your marriage, continue suffering, maybe when you have stroke or probably die of stress, he will get a job and take over. But for now continue suffering, God will bless you.

  3. Pls ve strong, don’t listen to the bad advice up, but I suggest you, watch your thoughts, depression is real. Pls take it easy


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