HomeAdvicePlease I Need Help: Marriage Problems Have Pushed Me To Alcohol

Please I Need Help: Marriage Problems Have Pushed Me To Alcohol


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Please I Need Help: Marriage Problems Have Pushed Me To Alcohol

Hello Jzhane,

Good morning, please hide my identity. My husband doesn’t communicate with me in all things he does. He always put other people first than me,I’m always the last person to know what is he planning .

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His family and friends have the upper hand on him than me .We decided to start building our own house but he get to choose the design and even went to start building without my knowledge. Everything happening is known by his family and friends ,is this the way things should be

He changed after the marriage (he has become arrogant) and he is no longer an easy person like before. I have 5 kids with him and I always feel he is ashamed with my body since I have gained weight. I hate my self and try to hide my worries over alcohol.

Please advise me.


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Please I Need Help: Marriage Problems Have Pushed Me To Alcohol
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  1. Hello Jzhane, based on my own observations from casual acquaintances, TV show, social media and other forms of knowledge, more often than not the MEN are at fault in most instances. I’m sure the larger percentage of fault belong to the men, but like anything else we experience we all have to look inward and take responsibility for what occurs inside and outside of our marriages. A close female friend of mine of many years told me yesterday, “Sometimes us women don’t like to be told what to do by men for fear of being controlled even when the men in their lives are right”. Hum, I said to myself. This because before my father passed quite a few years ago he mentioned a quote from the bible in essence that read, “Men were born in the image of God and women were bred from the rib of Adam to be his quote unquote “helpmate”. In other words, is it true that women are always supposed to listen to men when we’re the ones making sense or should we continue on with the, “women are emotional men are logical argument?” Hit me up Jzhane, I’m on the fence with both of the opinions and would appreciate a seasoned marriage counselors perspective. Eustace


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