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My Husband Paid N580K For My Bride Price But Refused To Help My Family Members.


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My Husband Paid N580K For My Bride Price But Refused To Help My Family Members.


A Nigerian Lady Identified as Elohor Okudu narrates how her husband has refused to help her own family members after paying almost N580k bride Price.

The story was shared by a twitter user identified as @SmartAtuadi, the lady is seeking professional advice as the issue bothers her.

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She Wrote: “I got married 8months ago, my hubby earns 70k monthly while I am yet to get a job, during our wedding ceremony, hubby spent about 580k on the list given to him for the traditional wedding, I persuaded my parents to reduce the list but they said it is a must and a tradition.”

“He was able to raise the money as I wasnt working and I couldn’t help financially. After marriage I suggested that he should be sending something monthly to my parents as he does send to his parents too, but to my surprise the reply he gave me was that he didn’t owe my parents anything that they have collected all they are entitled to fromHelpNigerianally I was not angry about that until my younger brother wanted to get married and his bride family gave him list of things for the traditional wedding which amounted to 400k.”

“My dad then shared the expenses and told my husband to contribute 120k towards my brother’s wedding but to my surprise, my husband said no and told me that my family has collected all they wanted during our wedding and they shouldn’t come to him for any financial assistance, this got me angry and I told him that he is not responsible.”

“Ever since then we have been living like strangers in the house, he doesn’t talk to me, he has just been keeping to himself, and I have never seen him this way before not even in our 2 years of courting.

“Please our mummies and daddies, kindly advise me on what to do to save the situation, I am in between my husband and my family”.

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From: Area Talk Report


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  1. You and your whole family are selfish.
    Shishi, you guys won’t see again and if you decide to leave the marriage, you and your family will still return the bride price.
    So as a wife get some sense and focus on your immediate family and to add, get a job for yourself and then you can assist your parents and siblings as you like.

  2. Why will your dad tell your husband to pay 120k for your brother’s bride price…..what audacity. That doesn’t make sense at all. Is your brother your husband’s brother. Its your dad’s business and his son to sort it out na.

  3. Will you listen to your self… what kind of selfish family are you from, on a salary of #70000 why dont you have soming doing to help your parent and sibling your dad dont have a right to demand any thing from your husband…your brother should provide the money him self… you are lucky you have a man who is ready to take care of a liability in this 21 century….look for something to do. His salary is even small to fend for his immediate family more or less extended family.. with the way things are expensive… my sister look for means of income..and leave that gentle man alone.

  4. Hmmm.., that paltry salary of your husband is what your family wants to depend on? And why his your father shifting his responsibility on another person who is not even supposed to be involved at all?
    And you, you are lazying at home all in the name of a house wife? Can’t you go out and get something doing or you want to kill your husband?


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