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My 30 Year Old Marriage Is On Fire After All I Endured -Please Advise


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My 30 Year Old Marriage Is On Fire After All I Endured -Please Advise

Good morning sir/ma,

I am married for 30 years and blessed with 5 boys , despite that I know that my husband is cheating on me for several occasions  I continue to pray and move the family forward.

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I contributed all I have to move the family forward . My husband was called to become a shepherd 2017 which this has been giving me hope as a Christian that everything is working along for the restoration of my family but yet my husband doesn’t change his cheating habits .

Since last year things now changed to be worse than before .  He has decided not to come to me since September 2020 . Now he has finally get married with another woman in Nigeria with the full support of his mother .

The children are against him, all the family members are against him.   Only the mother supported him.  I have done my possible best to make my marriage to work but I am totally disappointed and humiliated.

l contributed more than my husband in this journey in regards of financial and moral . I am 51 years old. My husband is requesting divorce from me so that he can enjoy his new marriage  . I am in Sweden with the children while my husband used to work in the UK because of his incapacity to learn the Swedish language, we all agree on this plan.

Now He is no more for me even for the children even the Church in Sweden has been abandoned  . He is now married legally with another woman and requesting for my divorce.

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This happened between December  2020 and new marriage was accomplished in June 17 2021 . Please i need your advice he keeps frustrating me so that I could divorce him. What do i do  ? My name is Gracelyn (Not real name)


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My 30 Year Old Marriage Is On Fire After All I Endured -Please Advise
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  1. Madam, please don’t give him a divorce. You are doing it for yourself and your children. You can block him on social media, to avoid his harassment but don’t ever block him out of your heart. Stand for him in the place of prayer with your children, but until he will come back to his senses, don’t give him access to either speak or chat with you. Infidelity is a spiritual disease that affects half baked Christian. It can be uprooted. May God grant you inner strength to fight and win this battle in Jesus Christ name. Shalom.


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