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After Helping Him Secured A Job, He Is Giving Me Attitude. Is This A Red Flag?


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After Helping Him Secured A Job, He Is Giving Me Attitude. Is This A Red Flag?


Good evening ma,

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please am sorry to badge into your inbox without your permission. Please I seriously need an advice. Please hide my identity. Am 27yrs, I have been in a relationship for 3 years plus now. Since I know this Guy he has nothing doing, I didn’t complain. He has no job I no complain, I believe he will soon get one, i finally got a job for him, although there where not paying well but I told him to manage till another one is out, so he listens and took the job, after 6 months he was promoted and was paid double of his salary.

To make it short , same guy start to see me as nothing to him ,he carries other women, lie, if I call he doesn’t pick and he will not call back, till maybe after two weeks. since I know him he never say I want to take you out .but i no complain also he goes out come back late hours 2am. I stay at my place calling all the time he goes out I complain to his mum about his late hours she say she will talk to him, he still stay late hours till today. at times he will pass me with a lady but ignore me, he will be online he won’t chat me. if I complain he will say why am I suspecting him I stopped chatting him. He still complain that am always online chatting and I can’t chat him.

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if I fall sick to come and see me or even call and say how is my health he will not.at time if I go to his house I meet ladies clothes, and lots more, and he always promise but don’t fulfill his promise, he doesn’t call and he doesn’t pick my calls. if i see his call is when he needs something, like advice etc. Other Guys come for me but I tell them I have someone. Now if he see me with another guy he be jealous, but doesn’t want me to complain that I can’t compare myself and him cos he is a man.

He promise since 2 Yrs that he will go and see my parents till today nothing is done. The last time I ask him he should go and see my parents he didn’t say anything. I ask why the silent he said he doesn’t know what to say that was two months ago. Last week I told him am not well, he didn’t call or text instead he send me messages on WhatsApp asking saying am on line I can’t chat him. I didn’t respond to him. He only care about himself.

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Please should I continue with the relationship or let him go ? I have no one to advice me am ready to listen to any advice right now.


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  1. What are you still doing with that man. The earlier you begin to respect and value yourself, the better for you. You can as well advice yourself.

  2. Babes mooooove out of that relationship… No sign suffer head for yourself please.. he never loved and he won’t now or ever.

  3. Leave . Some people won’t appreciate you until they lose you, …. It’s hard right.? Give him the gift of your absence in his life. When petrol is scarce , people pay Triple to buy , simply because it’s not available. Get the logic.

  4. Leave him and move on with your life, God have use you to complete the mission he want for him for his life through you, so don’t think about what he is doing for you again, just leave him and find another person, but pray before you choose another one. It’s only God that can reward you all what you doing for him, so dear forget about him totally and format him from your memory, God will send your own Angel to you

  5. My dear I also think you should forget him and move on with your life. When he fools around with other ladies and comes realize his stupidity and your absence, he’ll then regret doing all he did to you. God knows knows best.


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