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My Fiancé’s Daughter Is Evil-Is This A Red Flag For Our Marriage?


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My Fiancé’s Daughter Is Evil-Is This A Red Flag For Our Marriage?

Dear Jzhane,

My story is I am in a unhappy relationship with my fiancé. He is not the main issues but his daughter from his past marriage and my kids don’t see eyes to eyes. She doesn’t like me or my kids. Not even the ones I have with her father. And My fiancé always take side with her even when she is wrong.

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My kids don’t like it because they say she ungrateful and always try to make issues with me and her dad. She is also very violent towards my smaller kids. My fiancé work hard and I loves me dearly. He claims to love his kids and want to get married and settled down.

I want that to but when his child deals with my children in an abusive way, we argue and when he takes side, I change my mind about the marriage. When this girl is not around, we have a happy relationship but when she is around, we are at odds.

Every time we plan to get married, she hits my smaller kids and mistreats them. We then argue and he takes side with her. When she sees I am upset from the argument, she laughs and smiles when her dad his not looking.

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I am really tired of this. I won’t to get married and settle down. I may leave him if she continues to be bad to my children. It seems like I am the only parent my son and daughter because I am the only one that stand up for them.

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I am a Christian minded person and I want to get married and settle down and go to church. It seems this cannot happen so I have decided to go see a counselor but I came across lively stones and decided so share my story and get some advice.

Please help me I am dying inside with hurt and confusions

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Anonymous from Jamaica

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My Fiancé's Daughter Is Evil-Is This A Red Flag For Our Marriage?
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  1. Madma run for ur life oo, it shows d man in questions so much his daughter and there is nothing u can do about that b,is better u let him be with his daughter so DAT u wouldn’t v have issues wit ur kids? Ow old is girl in questions!


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