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Is This Relationship Worth A Second Chance? He Locked Me Out At 10pm…


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Is This Relationship Worth A Second Chance? He Locked Me Out At 10pm…


Good morning ma, happy Sunday pls ma, thank you very much for the good job u re doing in this group , may the God lord bless you ……pls ma help me post this in marriage seminar I need Advice from this group.

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Am in a relationship with a guy for pass two years plus I love him so much and I think he loves me too, yesterday I went to wedding when I was coming I called him that am coming his house he said ok that he is not around but his sister and his friends re at home I should stay with them that he is coming when get their I stay 30mins before he come back after like 5mins his friends started telling him let’s go out and play ball I was like they should stop it that he is just coming back and me and him never talk he said baby let go together that I should sleep over I said I dont want to sleep that am coming for weekend in two weeks time he said does not mean anything that I can still come in two weeks and pass a nite I said no but later we go out together we stay their till some mins after 10pm

I said baby is like I will pass a nite tomorrow I will go , he said No ooo I should be going that he don’t like me passing a nite in his house without we planing for it I was looking at him i said meaning what? is this my first time sleeping in ur house without telling you that am coming to sleep over he said No, but he didn’t like it he stop keke for me to enter I said no that am not going thus our house is not far from his own house , he started saying he will lock me outside that is better for me to go my house so after some mins i say let me go my house one mind said I should follow him and know wat he will do, him and his Friend reach house before me because his friend stays with him for some months now, but he will go back to his base soon.

When I get home he has lock the door I go through the window calling him he didn’t Answer me he was busy telling his sister and his Brother and his Friend wat happen telling them no body should open door for me after some mins his sister called me asking me where I am I told her am outside she say I am sleeping over I said No she said OK I should go tomorrow I should come said ok I call my boyfriend to come and see me off he said he can’t try it so later I left his house when I get home he started calling me I didn’t pick his call he chat me on WhatsApp but I didnt reply him

Pls my people how do I handle this matter… I need Advice
Pls hide my I D

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  1. Hummm, it’s well my sister, I can’t advice you to continue in such relationship because, it will later bring big headche for you, go for him to lock you outside, you must sense that, something is wrong somewhere, so if you later pick his call, and starting begging you, please think very well before you accept him back, because he will later doing more than this for you. So the choice is in your hand, choose it wisely thanks

  2. I think he values his friends and relatives more than you. It should be 50/50 but he is not doing that. To me I think if he carry this habit of friends into ur marital home,it’s gonna be a big challenge.

    Sit him down and talk things over. Thanks

    My opinion please

  3. What advise do you need other than to face your studies, work on yourself, forget about chewing gum boys for now and upgrade. Try to be a better person, stop sleeping in a boy’s house, fight to have a permanent bed in your husband’s house, avoid giving him your kpekus for now,you don hear me so? Be a good girl


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