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Short Story-Help- I Am Stuck In A Foreign Country With No Hope


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Short Story-Help- I Am Stuck In A Foreign Country With No Hope

Dear Jzhane,

Hello guys i wanna share my story this morning. I’m 27 years old. I  have a baby ,he is 6 yrs now and we lost his dad some years back…life hasn’t been easy on me, I get so weak thinking of how to Carter for him in future.

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Presently my grandma takes care of him ,but i would like to in future…so I took a job in Lebanon ,a 3 years contract but in just half the contract now…and trust me it’s not easy😭.at one point i feel like dying is the only way out…why are things so difficult even when you try …money isn’t easy to come by here ,the pay of the job is so small n i lost my dad too.

Working as a house help here is the worst thing that can happen to any one. Please if you have friends, sister or relative don’t allow them come here, they can die of depression.im just on ma kneels everyday praying God let me return in my country it’s my head intact.

The money i have worked is so small not even enough to start a life( get a house or start a business) but am dying already. I really done know what to do…is like dying is the only way out.

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Short Story-Help- I Am Stuck In A Foreign Country With No Hope
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  1. To die is not a good option abeg,I don’t know which part of the world you come from,but I will suggest you go back to your base, go back home and think of what next to do. Also pray, there is nothing God cannot do. It is well with you

  2. Stay strong God with you don’t worry soon ways will open I know little about what you’re saying I pray God come through for you ijn

  3. You just need to stay strong. Trust me you are much stronger than you think. Pls be patient. You will get a better job


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