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Short Story-My Boyfriend’s Attitude Is Giving Me Relationship Trauma


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Short Story-My Boyfriend’s Attitude Is Giving Me Relationship Trauma

Hello Ma, good morning.

Please I’m going relationship trauma. He’s 33 years old and I’m 24. He’s a policeman and I’m a baker at the same a student.

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I met him like four months ago and things were moving ok alright for the first three weeks. He told me he was about getting married but something came up and couldn’t get married to her.

He’s the second guy I have dated all my life. I don’t know but anytime he offends me he at end of the day turns everything on me and accuses of what I know nothing about.
He uses abusive words me and do not regret saying it. I’m trying my best to save this relationship but I don’t know what to do. He keeps on telling me I’m not matured no matter what I do for him.

Please I need your help and it’s urgent. I have so many guys who are willing to marry me today if I give up on him. I’m confused but loves him as well. I show him so much love that I can’t leave a day without hearing his voice but I don’t know if he feels the same way for me.

Countless times and he’s not bothered. I’m afraid to enter into another relationship. Have s*xual intercourse with another guy again would not make me happy. The problem is I can’t tell if a man is genuine from what my Dad did to my mom. The he maltreated my mom. Right in front of me and left without saying a word. As at now he’s nowhere to be found

I thought this policeman is one but I’m broke now…

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  1. Nne there is more to life that you need to achieve ooo, you are 24 and very vibrant,make use of your time and stop getting bothered with one police guy who is not ready to be committed. He was about getting married and something happened abi,have you taken time to imagine what happened or have you even asked him,he is still going through the pains of his failed marriage,allow him heal biko,move on with your life,face your baking program and your studies. God bless you

  2. Sister leave that guy.
    The relationship is too young to start feeling like you’re on your own.
    These things you’re experiencing are red flags.
    Stay blessed.


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