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How Do I Get Justice From My Former Employer?-Pls Advise


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How Do I Get Justice From My Former Employer?-Pls Advise

Good afternoon ma’am,

I did like to share my story though it’s not a love story but I need help or advice. So it happened that I got employed by a micro finance institution in year 2020. I worked from 2020 to June 2021.

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Part of the deal was that :

1)We were told to give a month notice before resignation incase there is need to resign

2)We were encouraged to register for cooperative savings in which we will be allowed to borrow “times 2” of what we have saved after 6months. Of course, the deal never said we won’t be given back our money if we didn’t borrow or decide to withdraw totally or as a result of resignation.

3) we were told we will be posted to any south west state mostly outside our state of residence especially the “Singles”. The posting came like the “NYSC” kind of clarion call where you get the employment letter on Friday and resume on Monday to wherever thinking the accommodation is real at place of designation only to get there and be sleeping on benches in the office until you buy mattress.

Now, my main gist was that I was posted to a North Central state close to south west, I took the job because this is Nigeria where you have to forget your degree certificate and take up jobs meant for SSCE holder but packaged stylishly for graduate.

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I resumed as a credit officer and I put in my best for 11months that I worked. Other credit officers I met and those that met me resigned in my presence because that branch was tough with tough clients who borrow and 40% wouldn’t want to pay back then you would have to pay with your salary in their stead.

When I couldn’t bear the emotional trauma and stress that comes with the job I decided to drop my resignation letter.

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Now this company has denied me my 11months cooperative savings saying I had some clients who is yet to clear their loan.

Whereas, the organization is so tricky that the last salary of whoever resigns is not usually paid after 3months as they profess to pay if there is no iota of fraud in your work.

Therefore, I am denied my last salary as well as my cooperative savings.

I need advice:

(who has been in this shoes b4) or (knows someone who has thread this path). I need Help on how to get my money probably through judicial method. I need justice.


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How Do I Get Justice From My Former Employer?-Pls Advise
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  1. If you have a lawyer, show them your offer letter and the terms and conditions of employment. They will let you know your options. Also take up the case with that company. Most organizations do like law suit , they will rather pay you that go through the case.
    I think you should pursue this. Also, you can report to the government body overseeing microfinance banks. They can help too.


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