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She Cheated, But I Still Love Her


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She Cheated, But I Still Love Her


So the story goes like, my gf and I have been dating for 2 years now. I really love her cos she’s so interesting, extremely caring and so good to me. She’s a pretty one too. So I finished school ahead of her (We were in same school).

But we couldn’t let each other go because we already love each other, so we continued the romance. I loved her after and I really gat plans to marry her even though I’m like 5 years older than her. I was going to wait till she finishes school (She was in 200 level when I left). So I went to visit her in school and out of curiosity, I checked her whatsapp chat…I read her chat with her very close friend (the best place to find the truth) Well well well…There was this gist about her having sex with a friend. Then another was about her trying to date a guy..It really broke me, but till today, I haven’t challenged her…

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Actually, I would have broken up if I dont love her up to this level cos I hate it when I’m being cheated on… But I don’t think I’m ready to lose the girl..

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So I met a very pretty lady lately… We’ve been talking and she’s really been giving me all the greenlight a normal guy needs to see… This one is more mature (I felt like my gf is still probably at what y’all call the hoeing stage cos she’s 21)… So I’ve been contemplating on leaving her for this one, by bringing up the cheating part (something like a chess game)…

Seriously, I still think I love her, and would have married her if she didn’t do that… So I’m lost between challenging her and giving her another chance (cos she’s going to obviously beg) or challenge her to leave her…Thanks and sorry for the long essay

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  1. Be happy bro, your happiness is in your hands, i wont tell you to stay with her or break up with her, cos the next girl too may be a cheater, you see bro, our generation is full of evil, disloyalty, greed, love for worldly things, so you just have to choose to he happy, cos these days there is much unfaithfulness in relationship and marriages, so whether she cheats or not, choose to he happy. Human beings MUST NOT be trusted GOD bless you bro.

  2. You have no proof yet ooo,ask and hear from her first rather than jumping into conclusion just like that ooo. If you feel she being in school we cause alot of distractions please get somebody older and matured.


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