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Is My Boyfriend Stingy Or Am I Missing Something-Pls Advise


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Is My Boyfriend Stingy Or Am I Missing Something-Pls Advise
I need your advice.
My boyfriend and I met on 30th December 2020, it’s over seven months now we have being dating. When ever I ask for money he never gives me, first I lost my android phone few weeks before we meet, so months later I told him I wanted to buy a phone I had 40k out of the 65k phone I wanted to buy, asked him if he could assists me with 20k he didn’t give the money.
Later I bought the phone, it was later when he was broke he told me that he had money then but refused to give it to me, with the excuse that most of the women he has come across in his life are always after his money.
I also gave him money during that period he was broke, after then he promised to give me the money, right now I still haven’t seen the money or any other money I asked him, ever since I meet him the only Cash he had given to me it the money I used to make my hair once, it’s always am broke all the time but he is always purchases things. I am tired of this relationship.
The worst part is that I love him so much, please advise me
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Is My Boyfriend Stingy Or Am I Missing Something-Pls Advise
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  1. Hello sister. Its good to give, but its not your boyfriend’s duty to give you money neither is it your duty to give him money. GOD bless you.

  2. You mean you still love a stingy boyfriend okwaya? Love without giving is greed in expression biko. A man that loves you will not wait to spoil you with whatever he has got,no matter how small it is. It is obvious you do not like stinginess nne,so is either you face your front and look for a giver or remain and be managing his stinginess since you still love him somuch. Have you checked if he belongs to the #Stingy Men Association of Nigeria? Udo

  3. Decide on what you want my dear.. you are the one wearing the shoes so if you think it’s convenient for you go ahead.. it’s very simple.


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