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My Pregnant Girlfriend Has Ran Away With The Pregnancy


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My Pregnant Girlfriend Has Ran Away With The Pregnancy


She traveled home and she told me that she has no money to come back, I sent her #12500. But I was surprised that her number stopped going through and I was restless. After the first day on the road, she called me to tell me that her step brother took her two phones inside her back and went away. I was surprised and asked her if the brother dropped her sim and she said yes. After three days on the road ,she finally came home past 11pm . When I went to open the gate for her, I saw that they were two girls outside, I let the both inside, she told me it was her step sister, I said ok because at this moment I thought maybe her sister is going somewhere else.

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In the morning I woke up before then and I was at the bathroom when my girlfriend came in, I asked her , that she planned bringing her sister here without informing me , she said that it’s none of my business if she bring her sister, that her sister will not stay with me because she already has a work for her. I was angry but I kept quiet since she said that the said girl won’t be staying in my house. Before this my girlfriend stays with me but her belongings are not in my house, they are in her own place.

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After about 5 days later , I got her another android phone because she was already asking for it because a guy bought a phone for her sister just in her four days in the city.

They will always come to my house to eat in the morning, on one particular day, I have yam at home and I bought everything that we will need to make porridge, I called them to come in the morning. Immediately they came, her sister opened the fridge to check for bread but couldn’t find any, my girlfriend gave her money to go buy one and eat, when they are done eating, I asked them to go cook the food, I followed my girlfriend to the kitchen but her sister stayed back, put on an earphone, on the fan and television, laid down. After 10 minutes in the kitchen I went inside to meet her and asked her to go help out in the kitchen, she just stood up and left my house. I told her that I don’t want to see her in my house again. My girlfriend after preparing the food, she fished in the flask and took it to her, I did not even ask her why because I know that she won’t have the heart to eat without her sister.

Right from that moment, my girlfriends behavior changed too, she will no longer call me on phone or come to my house, At their working place, her boss started complaining of her change in attitude since she brought her sister there.

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Her boss was tired of complaining and sacked them. They came to my house when I was the kitchen, she joined me in the kitchen but her sister was inside. After cooking , we ate together in the kitchen and I went straight to stay at the balcony, she came to me and told me that they are going to her brothers place that she will be back.

It had been days now and she doesn’t pick my calls and I don’t even know where they are right now.

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I have called with different numbers and she wasn’t picking.

This morning I called the numbers severally until a guy picked up, I asked after the owner of the phone and he told me that she is not around now, I told him whom I am and the said girl is pregnant for me. He was shocked and told me that they are together now in a different state with me. This is to say the said girl has ran to meet another guy with my pregnancy.

My friend also called the guy and introduced himself as my elder brother, he explained everything to him and he promised to call us back when he get home, that he was not aware that she is pregnant, that he is going to send her back to where she came from by tomorrow.

This evening they flashed me and I called them they will busy the call. Her number hasn’t been going through since then.

Many women have advised me to let her be for now that she will come back begging when she sees that no man is ready to take her in when the pregnancy starts coming out. Others said I should pet her to come back then talk sense into her.

To me right now, I have tried my best and I have chosen to stop looking for her.

Many people on this forum warned me about TIV girls and their promiscuous nature but I defended her thinking that she is different.

I have been avoiding my moms calls because I know that she will ask after her

I can’t sleep and I can no longer concentrate on anything I’m doing. It’s affecting me psychologically .

But this evening when I came back to the shop

My boy told me that she saw her sister and called her to the shop, he asked her about my girlfriend and she said she was at home (their brothers house) she said it’s the next street after mine but I can’t locate the particular house.

But I’m sure she is no longer in this state

Source: Nairaland

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  1. This story is so annoying to me but all the same make sure you marry a woman before you impregnate her okay. You are just here shouting girlfriend everywhere not even your wife,she is just a girlfriend so she is free to behave anyhow she wants,have you confirmed if that pregnancy is for you? Follow woman wey wise oooo

  2. When we say sex before marriage is sin, they will insult us, you are housing a lady that is not your wife, its not proper man. You caused all this bro, pls leave the lady, if she comes back you MUST have a family meeting, yours and hers, its only the child’s money you will send, and monitor it so she doesn’t dupe you, to me….you are a simple guy that’s why her sister did all those nonsense in your house. All the best


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