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My Girlfriend Locks Her Phones Constantly, Keeps It Under Her Pillow While Sleeping


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My Girlfriend Locks Her Phones Constantly, Keeps It Under Her Pillow While Sleeping

My Relationship Is About To Hit The Rock

Guys I need your help here, me and my gal have been together for 6 yrs now, I was convinced that she’s the one for me, so I decided to engage her late last year, at least to show that her position in my life is not taken for granted , we have really been through hell for each other even when there was nothing she was there for me, but thank God today I’m working now.

Now for the past 2 yrs, It looks as if I have been struggling to keep her, cos we have been cohabiting since I came back from nysc. Since I came back over two yrs now she has been misbehaving , she locks her phone constantly, something she never did before, even if its opened the apps are lock only her can open it, if complain abt that she will respond like why will I touch her phone, asking me who does that, to touch a woman’s phone even to go to social media, and she has being subjecting me to that because I don’t trust her, when we are about to sleep she put her phone on flight mode, and put it under her pillow and put her head on top. Her phone is constantly on silent mode during day time so if it rings she will determine whom to pick so I won’t hear and know. We can’t watch movie together as partners perhaps she afraid of who will call next ,because she knows I will give her hit.

If I manage to pick up her call she will be shivering,
We have had a lot of issues because of her giving in to distractions , I’m tired of talking , I don beat her tire my hand don bend. I have told her if u don’t want me again and you have seen somewhere better , open up and tell me instead of cheating that will be honorable thing to do. I don tire for this gal, if I drive her away she has no where to go. The school she’s going I’m the one supporting her, her family is not giving her enough support because the don’t believing in education all the know is business, and I’m the only one bearing her load and i’m not doing that because i want to marry her, i’m doing it because she needs help and she is my lover.

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She doesn’t want to loose me because we have really suffered together so she want to keep me as potential husband and still be playing games outside , what crime did I do to go for service so I can come back and make life better for us, cos that was when she got spoilt. I deflowered her and thats not how I left her.

I have resolved chasing her away, right now I’m in offshore , I never trusted her while I was on land is it now that I’m offshore I will trust her?

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  1. I wanted to say something until I read “I Don beat her tire my hand don bend ”

    I don’t know what in God’s name that lady is still doing with you..
    Please break up with her so you don’t end up killing her.
    I’ll never support an abusive man or woman in a relationship. Mtchewwww

  2. Bia this man,did you read this story before sending it here?
    * Offence number 1—- Why did you put her in bondage and suffering for 6years?
    * Offence number 2—— Why are you cohabiting with somebody’s daughter? If na your sister person dey knack her kpekus without doing the right thing,you go like it?
    * Offence number 3——-Did I hear you say you don beat her tire sotey hand dey pain you? You never start ,na all your body go begin pain you when time reach.
    * Offence number 4——- Why did you keep somebody’s daughter for that long without going to do the right thing,you deflowered her and on top of it you come dey beat her,you get conscience so?
    *Offence number 5—— What right do you have to monitor her phone? Her phone is her privacy, she decides how and when to lock it, please mind your business,infact that babe love you that is why she dey hide her phone under pillow,if na me,na for inside my kpekus I go keep it come use padlock lock am very well,ebia ra Lagos.
    With all these offences I have listed I’m gonna sue you to court for unlawful detention of somebody’s daughter for 6good years without making her your wife. If na me be that girl I go don leave you go OBA for Anambra state where men dem dey catch cruise for OBi CUbUNA mama burial. Abeg free that girl like Terry G

  3. Hello Bro, sorry for the insults from the four people have thrown at you, they just being human. Its wrong for a lady to live with you for now, you are not yet married, it will breed fornication, which I believe you guys are already doing. You said you don beat her tire, is it a typo mistake or it actually happens, if it happens, pls she cannot live with you anymore, the day you beat her and she dies or she retaliates and kills you, so you see it’s a lose lose situation, pls let her move out, but you mentioned you guys have sacrificed for each other, I understand it may be hard for you to tell her to go, pls find a quickly solution to this before you commit murder or her commit murder. GOD bless you bro. I am Akin

  4. So u think beating is the next option and what Will change her…and u as the man u are a graduate and u are talking like dis ….u are a stupid man…infact a Murderer get a hell.


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