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Marriage- Till Death Do You Part But Is This Not Murder?


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Marriage- Till Death Do You Part But Is This Not Murder?

“I knew a young lady who was working in a daycare inside my Estate in East. I used to go to the daycare to drop my Uncle’s kids. I had spoken with her several times. But, I suddenly stopped seeing her there. It took me some months to ask one of her colleagues about her whereabout.

The colleague told me that she got married and resigned. The husband told her to resign. So she had to resigned and leave the estate to join her husband. I understand. Newly married couples need to stay together, maybe figure out what to start up in their new environment. I had to collect her phone number from her colleague and call her to congratulate her.

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I wanted to forget about her, since she didn’t tell me that she’s getting married — ‘she no wan make I come eat wedding rice.’ One saturday afternoon. I called her. We talked. We laughed. Suddenly, she started sobbing bitterly over the phone. She said she wants to tell me something before she will end the call. “Please, go ahead.” I said, after asking her what was wrong. She said. With tears. “Emma, I have been inside this house for six months with my pregnancy.

I don’t see anyone. No one sees me. I don’t go out. I don’t go to hospital for check ups. My husband said I will deliver safely at home like the Hebrew women. Their Church believe in a woman delivering at home. They believe that a woman can deliver freely without any assistance or help from the hospital. He said their Church don’t mock God’s power and they live by faith. I don’t know, I really don’t know what to do again. I will be in pains, he will be looking at me crying but won’t do anything…”

“Didn’t he tell you about his church belief before you both got married?” I asked her. “I just saw the church as one of those new modern churches. They have Pastors. They have good church members and choir members too. But I think the church is more like a secret society. I am really passing through pains here. The fears and nightmares that follows it is something else. Inside here has been like a hell to me.”

“What about your parents or siblings? Can’t you talk to them?” “They have been here over and over again, but he has insisted that the day I leave his house, this marriage will end and my people will refund him. He even warned them not to step into his compound again.

My parents don’t want me to be divorced, they said I should endure till I give birth. But seriously, I feel Like I am going to die soon.” At a point on the call. She said. “He is back. He is back.” she ended the call and the number didn’t go through again. But, I was glad she told me where they were living.

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I visited their house the next day. When I reached. Everywhere was locked outside. She had to call me through the window where she was peeping from. I went to the window. We spoke for few seconds before the husband entered as if something told him that someone was in his house.

It was not an easy stuff that day. He wanted to arrest me with all reasons before I told him that I am coming from the estate his wife was working in. Even when I tried talking to him. He didn’t hear. He said I should leave his house and never come back. I left.

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After two months. I heard she has died. She bleed to death at home. I went to her burial. A big burial. The first person I saw crying was her husband.

Emmanuel Noble Okere”.

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Marriage- Till Death Do You Part But Is This Not Murder?
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