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Suzanne Somers shares how she and Alan Hamel keep their s*x life hot: ‘I love to please him’


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Suzanne Somers shares how she and Alan Hamel keep their sex life hot: ‘I love to please him’


Somers, who has spoken extensively about how she believes hormone therapy has positively influenced her well-being, shares that it’s also aided her sex life.

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“I cannot emphasize s3x enough,” she continues. “I’ve got my husband on hormones. He’s been on hormones, testosterone replacement for 25 years. He’s in the mood, I’m in the mood. Are we in the mood all the time? No! But a lot of the time. And if not, there’s another hormone I take called oxytocin, which is the love and s3x hormone that makes you feel very loving, but I don’t even need it.”

What makes Somers feel sexy in her 70s? Mostly, it’s self-confidence.

“I like who I am, I like the way I look,” she says. “I take good care of myself. When I walk down the hallway toward my husband naked, then I know he’s just really enjoying looking at me.”

Yet sometimes it takes getting out of the house to really get in the mood, she explains.

“Twice a week we go out on an actual date because I just love to get dressed up,” Somers shares. “I put on my high heels and a cocktail dress and he usually puts on his cool tight black pants and his black shirt and his white dinner jacket. I like the way we look together. We go out and have a cocktail and a great dinner and listen to the tinkling music. And we live a very romantic, sexy life.”

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As for that time she told Jillian Barberie on her podcast she and Hamel had s3x three times a day? Well, it’s not every day.

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“We have had s3x three times a day, one day. I was talking to Jillian Barberie on her podcast and she said, ‘Is it true? You have s3x twice a day?’ And I went, ‘Well, today it was three.'”

Age, she says, is nothing but a number when it comes to one’s s3x life.

“The biggest misconception people have about sex over 70 is that you’re not having s3x anymore,” she adds. “And most of the 70-year-olds I know are having regular s3x.”


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