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My Fiancée’s Mother Is Always Stirring Trouble & I Don’t Know What To Do-Please Advise Me


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My Fiancée’s Mother Is Always Stirring Trouble & I Don’t Know What To Do-Please Advise Me

So I have this friend a guy,  his relation was then a bit toxic early 2020 from what I can recall, he once told me his girlfriend cheated on him before lockdown last year, he later got to know during lockdown, he let go of that since they have known each other for a very long time, I think 6 years but it’s important I go back three years before before the main issue that happened late last year.

This girl obviously love my friend,  as a matter of fact, they both love each other but sometimes September 2017 the girl got pregnant for my friend, this my friend told his Mom and the whole family was cool with it but the girl could not tell her Mom but the guy mom insist that she does.

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I think around December when the girl told her Mom, it became a full scale war, the girl Mom got so angry that she insulted my friend’s Mom and their family and even threatened my friend diabolically, and the girl’s Mom said she was going to abort the pregnancy, which she later when ahead with, she called My friend’s Mom that the guy should never reach out to her daughter, which the guy adhered to but the guy said he tried reaching out to the girl for about two Months but she was not ready to listen to him, then he completely cut off the relationship, no contact…

Fast forward after a year plus, their path crossed again that should be early 2019,  and the girl and her Mom started calling the guy and his Mom how it was an impulsive mistake that they were sorry and the guy later persuaded his Mom and they both kick started a new relationship, it was very rocky since they have been away from each other for a very long time.

Then fast forward early 2020 the girl cheated by traveling to another state to go visit another guy, my guy later found out during lockdown and was broken then and he said he forgive the girl after the girl’s Mum intervention and after Much apologies although against his brother’s advice, he said he only told me and his older brother.

Now fast forward to September 2020, the guy moved into a new apartment, because his introduction with the girl was supposed to be Dec, in October my friend went into a deep financial crisis as he was scammed of over 6 million, his money and people’s money included, he his yet to recover till date, in November the girl got pregnant because the guy was like the girl’s Mom keep saying it’s important she get pregnant before the introduction and the guy said he wanted that also.

Then Three days to the introduction late Nov, the guy was like he woke up to the girl’s Mom call that when they are coming for the introduction, the family have to present the Guy’s deceased Dad as a Muslim and that was where it all stated, he said though sometimes in July the girl’s Mom said jokingly that they were going to give him a Muslim name which he agreed to and he was going to bear the name anyways because the girl’s Dad is a Hausa Muslim but the girl’s Mom is a Christian…

He was like he told the girls Mom no problems but she has to his Mom, which the girl’s Mom did but he said his Mom rejected that immediately that it is impossible and so did the whole family, the guy said that very night the woman called and his aunty was there with him at that Moment, she requested she wanted to talk to her and she insulted every Member of his family.

The intro was canceled and since then it was back and forth on how best to diffuse and sort the issue but to no avail, my guy said he nearly committed suicide around late December but he had to travel away from the state for two months or so, he said after much talk with the girl and persuading her, sometimes in Feb. 2021, he travel to go meet his Mom to discuss the situation and try friend a way forward but the girl refused to call his Mom as part of the arrangement, while he called the girl’s Mom assuring her that they are trying to reach a solution.

The guy said he was disappointed and travelled back angrily and did call the girl for about 3 weeks, but he made sure two of his friend always called her, which I was one of, he said he called the girl but by that time, she was not ready to talk to him anymore, earlier late November maybe 2 days before the whole issue started he had send the girl 240k to start up something that he was going to find ways to add up to it later, but after the whole issue he was so broke, he sent the girl 20k around early March which the girl sent back, late April, he went to the girl’s house with his brother to try find a solution, but it yielded no result, the girl gave birth last week.

He happened to find out from his brothers girlfriend since the girl has blocked every member of his family calls and even on social Media, now he his confused about what to do, he said he has save up just because when the girl gives birth, they are yet to call him and the naming ceremony will be tomorrow.
He want to send the girl 200k but his Mom said he shouldn’t that he should wait till they call the family she has given birth he said he will go ahead anyways either the call or not, this is not about sending the money or not, he need advice generally about the whole situation and what he should probably do about this issue.
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My Fiancée's Mother Is Always Stirring Trouble & I Don't Know What To Do-Please Advise Me
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  1. I think he should forget about marrying the girl, except he doesn’t like peace. For the child, if the girl refuses him access to the child, I believe there are legal ways he can embrace so he doesn’t get cut off completely

  2. Your friend is a MUGU+MAGA, after the while disrespect from the lady’s family, he still sent 240k, and now wants to send 200k, I wonder when some guys will have sense, and stop spending money on girls,money they won’t spend on their own siblings, is girls they will spend it on. Your friend na better MUGU. GOD bless you.


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