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Nollywood Actress Inem Peter Says ‘ Not Interested in Nigerian Men.  I Desire for Oyibo Husband’.


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Nollywood Actress Inem Peter Says ‘ Not Interested in Nigerian Men.  I Desire for Oyibo Husband’.

Nollywood actress and producer, Inem Peter, has given reasons she would want to settle down with a foreigner (Oyibo) as her husband According to the movie star, she has always wanted mixed-race kids because it would be a dream come true for her .

Peter also revealed that the next set of achievements she wants to focus on is getting a masters degree and getting married .

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In an interview with an online blog, the actress whose latest movie The Pendulum is currently trending on Ibaka TV, revealed the sole reason for wanting to settle down with a white man. Inem Peter says she wants mixed-race kids . The producer also touched on what she expects from the man she would love to settle down with and her achievements so far.  When asked about marriage and plans to settle down, the actress had this to say: “I’m not scared of marriage. Not at all, very soon I will settle down. That would be when the man for me comes, I will know and then it will let you know too.

For now I am still very much single. It will be a greater joy for me to marry a white guy (Oyibo) because I have always wanted mixed race kids. It is my 101% desire to marry a foreign Oyibo man. Infact I am counting down seriously.” Seeing as she expressed the desire to settle down as soon as possible, the reporter asked the movie star what other qualities she would like in her man apart from being a foreigner and she had quite an interesting reply.

She said: “I like tall and humble guys. He has to be a giver too. Then sex is very important. He must be impressive in bed. Stingy, deceitful and selfish guys turn me off, likewise bad sex. I can’t stand bad sex. On the contrary, a good sense of humor is a turn on for me not sarcasm though. Also be truthful to me no matter how hard it is.” Working in Nollywood Almost every industry in the country has recorded cases of sexual harassment and Peter advised young girls trooping into Nollywood to be sure of what they want, embrace discipline, be dedicated and refuse to give up.

On the challenges she faces as an actress, Inem Peter had this to say: “The most challenging part of being an actress, especially a female producer for me is being a perfectionist. Getting it right all the time is extremely difficult and to some people it is impossible but that’s what I do. That’s how much I put in as a female filmmaker so no one will have excuse or see fault in doing business with me based on gender.”

The actress revealed that the next achievements she intends to pursue fully are a masters degree and marriage. Asked her biggest achievement so far since her foray into the movie industry, the Akwa-Ibom state thespian avowed: “Being recognised as a filmmaker is a big deal for me. I can vouch of 10-15 Movie Master copy in my name not just as the producer but Executive Producer.

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Meaning 100% Copyright is mine. I have a production company that generates income for me to shoot movies but aside that, I also source for funds from close family and friends who are business minded like myself.” She concluded with the following words: “Even though I know failure is part of life growth and success, it scares me to fail. Cinema movies is the next thing on my mind. 2022 is a yes for me! I am still studying the big market.

Men are women’s major problems When it comes to relationships, opinions about men and women often vary. While some believe men can’t do without women, not everyone agrees. For Inem Peter, however, women are a lot happier without men in their lives. According to the Nollywood actress, the major problem of women is men. The post which went viral had many people sharing different opinions.

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Nollywood Actress Inem Peter Says ‘ Not Interested in Nigerian Men.  I Desire for Oyibo Husband’.
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